FIVE O’CLOCK CLUB CELEBRATES ITS 25th BIRTHDAY BY PUBLISHING 6 NEW BOOKS Each Book Is Jammed with Information For Each Step in the Job Search Process

November 16, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October, 2005, New York, NY — The Five O’Clock Club, a career counseling and outplacement organization, is celebrating its 25th year of service by publishing its collected wisdom and experience in a series of books. These are designed to assist job-seekers at each step in the process, from defining the right job to managing the new boss. The books, drawn from the experiences of thousands of Five O’Clock Club members, are applicable to everyone from interns and first job applicants to senior managers and CEO candidates.

The books were written by Kate Wendleton, President of The Five O’Clock Club, a nationally syndicated columnist and recognized authority on career development. Published by Thomson Delmar Learning, the book series is available just in time for the fall job-seeking season.

The titles in the five-part series for professionals, managers and executives are:

1. Targeting a Great Career
2. Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume
3. Shortcut Your Search: The Best Way to Get Meetings
4. Mastering the Job Interview: Winning the Money Game.
5. Navigating Your Career (a practical guide to succeeding in your new job)

There is a sixth book, for students and recent grads, Launching the Right Career. The Club has taken the techniques used so successfully by executives and made them available to those starting out.

“These new books incorporate what we’ve learned over the past 25 years and what we continue to learn from helping thousands of people find new jobs,” Ms. Wendleton remarked. “ Finding the right job is a process and you can work this process to improve your whole life. Too many people do a passive job search and end up unsatisfied. ”

Here are examples of key concepts from the book series:

1. A job search is a defined process that can be written down, acted upon and measured. Following the process is the best way to insure you get what you want.
2. Networking is important but over-rated. Getting face-to-face meetings with hiring managers through direct contact is often the key to getting hired, especially for senior people and those seeking to change industries.
3. Job seeking is a form of selling. Everything depends on correct targeting and positioning. Getting 6 to10 opportunities in the pipeline will insure success.
4. The resume is your principal marketing tool and must be based on correct targeting and positioning.
5. Coaching and peer support are very effective in keeping you focused, on-target and productive.

Ms. Wendleton is available for interviews.
The books are available for review and quotation.