How to Overcome Performance Anxiety in Men without Medication

November 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
According to blogger Ryan Collins, successfully learning how to overcome performance anxiety does not always have to include medication. Collins views medication as a last resort, and not the ideal option for overcoming performance anxiety in men.

Collins believes this rings especially true with regards to performance anxiety in bed.

"Performance anxiety in the bedroom is incredibly common among both young and older men" says Collins.

According to the blogger, performance anxiety in men can detrimentally affect a man's self-confidence and intimate relationships.

Collins claims that curing performance anxiety without medication is possible because anxiety is caused by habitual negative thought patterns, self-doubt and worry about past and future experiences.

Said another way; negative thoughts/doubt/worry cause performance anxiety.

Therefore, according to Collins, overcoming performance anxiety is as simple as learning new ways of diminishing negative thought patterns, self-doubt and worry about past and future experiences.

"By diminishing negative thoughts, doubt and worry, a man can instantly begin to overcome performance anxiety" says Collins.

How to Cure Performance Anxiety | Learn How to Develop a Calm Mind

So how can a man take action, and change negative thinking patterns to diminish self-doubt and worry?

Changing negative thought patterns and diminishing self-doubt and worry is as simple as learning how to develop a "calm mindset". Conjuring a calm mind is absolutely essential to overcoming performance anxiety, according to Collins.

Collins claims men can accomplish this by leaving their negative thoughts, self-doubt and worry outside of the bedroom.

"The key then for men wanting to overcome performance anxiety in bed is to calm an often busy mind and simply allow the body to do what it naturally knows how to do" says Collins.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety | The Calm Mindset Info-Graphic

Included in this article is Collins' "Calm Mindset Info-graphic."

On the left in the info-graphic, is a common example of how a man can cause performance anxiety in bed.

On the right is an example of the calm mind that is needed to overcome performance anxiety.

In Collins' info-graphic, the performance anxiety ridden man on the left cannot cease thinking negative thoughts, is full of self-doubt, and allows worry to take him over. The man on the right is not thinking at all, and is instead focused on conjuring a calm mind.

"Who do you think will enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience? asks Collins. The answer is the man with the calm mind, because he allows his body to do what it naturally knows how to do-instead of interrupting his body with thoughts, doubt and worry."

Performance Anxiety Men | How You Can Develop a Calm Mind

Developing a calm mind begins with making a decision to develop a calm mind.

According to Collins, once you decide to conjure a calm mind, you must take action. Do not allow yourself to think negative thoughts. Resist falling into the trap of self-doubt and stop dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.

Instead, focus on being fully present in the moment and not thinking at all.

"The best part of all is that progress can be realized almost instantly, says Collins."

According to the blogger, anxiety will diminish as soon as you cease thinking negatively, stop doubting yourself and relinquish worrying about past and future experiences.

"By calming the mind it is possible for men to overcome performance anxiety and enjoy more satisfying intimate relationships" says Collins.

No medication necessary.