Innovative Startup,, Aims To Help Business Owners Manage Their Online Reviews

November 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
VAIL, Colorado - November 26, 2012 - Mr. Ryan Thompson, owner and operator of, has announced the launch of this site, designed to assist business owners in the monitoring and management of their online business reputations.

An Innovative Startup Born of Personal Experience

Asked why he started this site, Mr. Thompson stated, "As an owner of a restaurant, I noticed the increased importance potential guests were placing in online reviews of my business. I was actively engaged in monitoring and even responding to negative customer reviews, but I soon found that this was taking up way too much of my time. I often wondered how many potential restaurant guests read these negative reviews, and how much money I might be losing because of them. I thought to myself, 'there has to be a better way to do this'. So I created a software tool to help me manage my business's reviews."

Word Spreads in the Community

"A few colleagues of mine saw this software tool and told me that they 'just had to have it' for their businesses also. Other restaurant owners wanted it, a chiropractor wanted it, a hotel owner wanted it — all of these folks were similar in that they were all getting lots of online reviews. The positive feedback that I've received convinced me that any business in the hospitality industry, or offering any kind of service, could use this same software tool to manage reviews. That's how came into existence."

The Growing Influence of Company/Product Reviews

According to Mr. Thompson, reviews and evaluations of consumer/customer experiences with businesses are extremely significant, and have a huge effect on consumer behavior. Elaborating, he stated, "Recently, a Harvard business study was done on the impact online reviews have on a business. It concluded that a one star increase in a business's online reviews has a 5-9% increase in total sales for that business. That is significant for any business, no matter what kind of work you do!"

"Online consumer reviews are fast becoming the go-to place for people to learn about a potential company and to decide whether or not to do business with that company. According to eMarketer, customers place their trust in reviews of a business 12 times more than in the marketing campaigns provided by the business. In addition, last year alone, visitor traffic to the top 10 customer review sites skyrocketed by an average of 158%. Review sites are here to stay and can no longer be ignored by any business."

A Suite of Services to Help Business Owners Manage Customer Reviews

According to Mr. Thompson, helps business owners to manage customer/client reviews of their businesses by automatically and continuously monitoring the most influential review sites for each business, pulling reviews and ratings from all of these review sites and displaying them in one user-friendly, central location.

In addition, once new reviews have been located, the business owner is notified by email and atext message sent to their cell phone, in real time. The business owner logs into their account, and after reading the review, if a response is needed, the owner clicks a link and they are taken to the review site where they can type in their response. The response can be offering further information, or rebutting a customer claim. "When a would-be customer reviewer sees that a business owner actively responds to negative and unfair reviews, it will cause them to think twice about leaving a review that is unfair, incomplete or distorted."

Turning Customer Reviews into Website Content

As a bonus, according to Mr. Thompson, offers their users HTML code snippets that allow them to set up an RSS feed, displaying reviews of their businesses on their own website — either all incoming reviews, or just the 4- or 5-star ones. "Potential clients browsing the company website will see and read these reviews, increasing the likelihood that they will choose to do business there. It also helps to update their website with fresh content, which Internet search engines favor."

The Future of

Planned future enhancements for include a competitive analysis tool, which will allow business owners to compare reviews of their business with others in the same niche/industry in their area. This will allow them to see how well they "stack up" against the competition. "As well, if there is something a business owner would like to have the software do, I'm open to suggestions."

What does a business owner get for their monthly membership fee?

Mr. Thompson explains, "For $97 a month a business owner, literally, gets peace of mind and a full night of sleep. You no longer have to wonder who or what is being said about your business. You no longer have to wonder if you're losing business due to an un-known, online review! You no longer have to wonder what area of your business you need to focus your improvement efforts on because it's all right there in front of you. Your past clients and guests tell you where you need to improve. It's all at your fingertips saving you not only time but money as well. In essence, is an insurance policy against all of the online reviews sites and the reviews that go along with them". is offering a complete package of review monitoring services to business owners for USD $97.00/month.

Mr. Ryan Thompson