Create a Memorial with Natural Cremation Urns

December 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Families wanting a memorial for a departed loved one who was a lover of the natural world will find plenty of choices at the memorial products retail website

Back to Nature urns are a new trend in Cremation Urns in which an artist weaves a complex combination of pottery media (fired stoneware, fiber and even bamboo) into a beautiful earthy-toned piece that is the perfect memorial for any lover of nature. These stylish pieces are lovingly crafted by hand by an artist who personally signs each piece before it is shipped. And they are surprisingly affordable.

But the Back to Nature Cremation Urns are just the start. has hundreds of other urns to choose from in its nature urns section. Among the more popular of these cremation urns are pieces that are sculpted in the shapes of things found in nature. Many life-like urns can be found in the form of tree-trunks, flowers, and even small animals such as rabbits, squirrels or fish. Other nature urns have stylish contemporary designs and are made from any number of natural materials, whether it be clay, granite, bronze, or even bamboo. Whatever the case, the design of the urn's sculpture is intended to invoke nature.

And, still further, perhaps the ultimate of nature cremation urns is the extensive line of Biodegradable Urns available. These urns typically invoke images of nature with earth-toned colors and stylish natural designs, but they also have an additional big advantage that will likely be important for anyone concerned about nature: they are biodegradable. Some of the biodegradable urns are intended to be buried and will break down relatively quickly after a burial so that the contents can blend peacefully with nature. And others are intended for burial at sea. These urns will float gently upon the water for a few moments and then will gradually, gracefully sink to the sea floor where, again, the contents will beautifully mix with nature in just a few days. In either case, the elegant design of the biodegradable urn will make for a fitting memorial ceremony and the honoree's spirit will be properly remembered in an environmentally friendly manner.

Whatever your need for a natural cremation urn, you are sure to find something suitable for the loving memory of your loved one at