Textured Breast Implants Lead The Way In Avoiding Capsular Contracture

December 02, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dateline December 2, 2012, London, UK, a recent study presented at the 12th annual Toronto Breast Surgery Symposium, finds capsular contracture to be significantly more frequent when employing smooth implants compared to textured implants. According to another study, the re-operation rate after one year following primary breast augmentation was 14.2%, with the most common complication being capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture is the medical term for an abnormal response of the immune system to foreign materials in the human body. In the medical field, it occurs mainly in the context of complications resultant from breast implant surgery and also artificial joint prosthetics. It follows the formation of capsules of tightly-woven collagen fibers created by the immune system response to the presence of foreign objects surgically installed in the human body. Capsular contracture occurs when the collagen capsule tightens and squeezes the breast implant. The result for the patient can be both painful and discomforting, possibly also distorting the aesthetics of the breast implant and the breast itself.

Although the cause of capsular contracture is unknown, common attendant factors include bacterial contamination, rupture of the implant shell, leakage of the silicone-gel filling, and hematoma.

One of the surgical implantation methods that have reduced capsular contracture significantly include sub-muscular breast implant placement, using either textured or polyurethane-coated implants.

Dr Rezai states that at Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, the Harley Street, London based experts in breast and facial plastic surgery, they have found that by employing only textured breast implants, the rate of capsular contracture has dramatically reduced. Indeed according to another study, the capsular contracture rate actually reduced to just 1% for textured implants.

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