Bringing Makeup Lighting To The Digital Age

December 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Richmond, CA According to Makeup Lighting 101, "Proper lighting is one of the most important parts of successful makeup application and is too often overlooked." Good makeup lighting fixtures should provide even illumination and excellent light quality. While traditional incandescent or fluorescent makeup lights serve their purpose, they come with many inherent limitations: large breakable bulbs, ample heat generation, fixed light color, and short lifespan. Applying the latest LED technology, Bella Lumiere is drastically changing the market by introducing an advanced LED makeup light, bringing professional grade lighting performance to everyday makeup sessions.


Leveraging its patented Dense Matrix LED technology instead of using conventional flat LED panels, Bella Lumiere takes miniaturization in LED lighting to the next level by smoothly blending the brilliant dime-sized LED source to a well designed table lamp. The advanced intelligent electronics lets the SWAN be controlled by simple touches and a flexible neck allows high maneuverability of the light. With a 13W LED array, rated at 50,000 hours, the SWAN is cool, beautiful, and long lasting, making it a highly functional fixture for any makeup station. It will help users to effectively apply their makeup in style and comfort.


Fluorescent makeup lighting produces low quality light that tends to wash out the skin, giving it a bluish-green tone, bringing out blemishes and imperfections. (Remember how horrible people looked under inexpensive fluorescent high school gym lights?) Belle Lumiere has put great efforts in its R&D, perfecting the light spectrum radiating from its LED arrays. It was able to produce a light with very high Color Rendering Index (CRI). Like natural sunlight, the SWAN lamp will reflect the true beautiful colors of the makeup you apply. To produce evenly distributed light, Bella Lumiere researchers engineered a removable magnetic dome-shaped diffuser that turns the intense LED beam into a gentle wash of light that falls softly onto a user's face. The light is bright enough to use for applying makeup and soft enough to face when placed in close proximity.


Bella Lumiere has gone one step further and built in an adjustable color temperature feature. With a simple touch of the base unit, you can cycle through 3 color temperatures from tungsten to daylight. Before heading to a romantic evening date, apply your makeup under tungsten lighting so your stunning beauty is enhanced by candlelight. If your are going to the big game with a special someone, use the daylight setting to optimize your makeup for the bright stadium lights. The Bella Lumiere SWAN helps you to prepare your best look for any occasion. Put on your best face before you head out.

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