Gold and Gold Nuggets Continue Steady Rise in Value

December 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 11, 2012 - The value of gold has increased from $300oz in December 2002 to over $1700oz as of this writing (December 7, 2012). Gold held steady and gained rapidly even during the economically turbulent times spurred on by the global financial meltdown of 2007/2008 and subsequent years of recession. This fact has compelled many new investors to rethink how or what they invest in. Gold and gold nuggets have found a growing audience as people look to its rising value compared to the US Dollar as an option for wealth preservation and growth.

As the global demand for gold continues to skyrocket, demand for Alaskan gold nuggets and gold nugget jewelry have risen with it. Alaska Jewelry, the popular online source for high quality jewelry and natural gold nuggets, carries a full line of natural gold nugget jewelry along with loose natural gold nuggets. Click on the link for information on John Hardy jewelry.

"Our gold nuggets are as natural as you can get, we just wash the dirt off," says owner Chris Fondell. "Natural gold nuggets with good size and character can be worth up to three times the spot value of their actual gold content, so they have a real appeal to collectors" Fondell continued. "The same nugget I sold for $2000 in 2002 sells for over $11,000 today." This comes as good news to people looking to attain natural nugget jewelry and rare natural gold nuggets as a safe form of liquid wealth preservation.

Alaska Jewelry offers a large collection of high quality jewelry at low online prices. They supply unique and best-in-class men's rings, gold nugget earrings for men, sterling silver jewelry, wedding jewelry, Alaskan natural gold nugget jewelry and more. Alaska Jewelry is proud of their collection of Alaskan gold nuggets for sale, and they hope to meet the ever growing demand of Alaskan real gold nuggets and jewelry far into the future.

About Alaska Jewelry
Goldsmith Gallery in Sitka, Alaska has been operated by Chris and Tamara Fondell since October of 1990. They originated in Iowa, but moved to Alaska to operate the jewelry store they now own. As the only locally-owned jewelry store in their town, they have expanded onto the World Wide Web to bring their "Home-town Jeweler" experience to the world. They offer high quality jewelry, including mens wedding bands, unique engagement rings, fashion jewelry, Tungsten Rings, diamond rings and more. They often offer excellent prices and special deals. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.