Ricante Hot Sauce To Hit USA Market January 2013

December 13, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica - Costa Rica's own Ricante Hot Sauce has announced USA distribution starting 2013. Visit our website to find the nearest distribution point in your area as well as to buy hot sauce online.

Current distribution of Ricante consists of local restaurants throughout Costa Rica. Starting in January 2013 Ricante will be expanding distribution to local grocers and select specialty markets. At the same time the first shipment of product will hit the USA market. In doing so we will have hot sauce on-site and ready to fulfill our Internet demand so you can order hot sauces from Ricante's online store.

Ricante hot sauce currently reaches over 50 locations nationwide in Costa Rica stretching coast to coast. Ricante's "Awesomeness Collection" currently offers four unique flavors, here's the current lineup:

  • Og Mango Caliente was the first of the quartet. This hot sauce consists of mango and kiwi. It falls into the medium range of heat with a savor that compliments almost every meal.
  • Piña Dulce is the least hot of the four hot sauces and offers up a mix of pineapple and mango that would have any Caribbean hot sauce-lover excited!
  • Fire Melons has a mix of melon and kiwi that is one of the most refreshing hot sauces ever made, as well as a kick that will surprise most pallets.
  • Manzana Encendida, or "Apples on Fire", uses mangos, apples and carrots to bring the hot sauce enthusiast a mix of heat and flavor not to be forgotten.

  • Located Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Ricante Hot Sauce was born in a small residential kitchen. Sunday football was here and chips and salsa were on the menu. With limited hot sauce options in Costa Rica, Ricky Ricante decided to use the chiles in his backyard along with the fruits in his kitchen to make a special Sunday surprise for some friends.

    Combining the fresh fruits of Costa Rica and a love for flavorful and spicy food, Ricante was developed to provide the people a hot sauce with amazing flavor and heat; and at the same time keeping mother earth in mind while packaging our product. Ricante uses materials from recycled goods to package every bottle, and we hope to spread awareness throughout the world with our "Zero Consumption" mentality. Our product has been designed to offer people an unparalleled experience that starts with the flavor and ends with being conscience of where the bottles and plastic end up. Join our "Zero Consumption Movement" today!

    "We are energetic and very positive on the progress we are making here at Ricante", says Ricky Ricante. "The more widespread distribution we have of our hot sauces the more people we can reach with our awareness message of Zero Consumption."

    Most of our ingredients come from our farm in Fortuna and other local farmers.  Packaging for our product comes from as many recycled materials available here in Costa Rica along with some recycled materials shipped in from the USA.

    About Ricante: Ricante is a hot sauce manufacturer located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. You can buy Ricante hot sauces by ordering online from the Ricante store, stop by the Ricante Cevicheria in Tamarindo, or take a Costa Rican vacation with Ricante and stay at their Hacienda Pinilla vacation home.