98% internet Home Business´s owner´s don´t profit. Why?

November 17, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
It´s a proven and statistical fact, that 98% of all people that start a home business, fail to succeed, and loose money instead of profiting.

There are four main reasons, that explain why people fail:
- They don´t know how to advertise
- They don´t know how to do the follow up
- They don´t know how to speak with interested people
- They don´t know how to close a sale

What if, you could start a home business, where these failure variables, where done, on your behalf, by professional people?

The company would:
- Advertise for you
- do the follow up for you
- Talk, on your behalf with interested people
- close sales for you

And all would be done, by professional staff.
What would happen? Sucess, and profit.

Is this a dream? Until now, it was, but now is a reality.

Bill Osterhout, a self made millionaire, in the home business arena, created an enterprise that made this dream come true.

He created his fortune, doing home business, but he wasn´t successfull in teaching others to do the same. Some didn´t have the time, others didn´t have the skills, and most of them didn´t have both.

So, he decided to create his own enterprise, where everything is done in behalf of the business owner, by professional and well trained staff.

And he did it us using the most advanced internet technology. People who are actively using the search engines, looking for a home business, or ways to generate some extra income working from home, are droven to the company website, where they watch a small movie that explains how the company works. After that, if they are interested, they leave their data on a form. The system filters the interested prospects, and the company professional staff, contacts by phone, only the ones that showed interest in beeing contacted.
After that, and in 92%, those prospect are converted in new business owner´s.

If you want to know more, or make a test-drive, watch the 6 minutes movie, for a brief overview: