Siddhaswarupananda Pal Offers Tips for Bali Vacation

December 19, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Siddhaswarupananda Pal an avid traveler and blogger recently traveled to Bali for exploring the beautiful land which carries much hype as a tourist destination. He describes his Bali visit as an incredible one and shares some essential tips on how to make the trip more memorable and safe.

In his description he completely agrees with the fact that why Bali is regarded as "The Land of eternal smiles". With over millions of travelers flocking to this enchanting land, his experiences are focused on the friendly people, the beliefs, culture, the natural beauty of the land, the beaches and the way of life.

"Everything in Bali will touch your heart, certainly you will receive a warm welcome when you step on this land" said Siddhaswarupananda. He continuously described that Bali is full of warmth and tolerance, while reiterating an unforgettable experience he quotes "Smile at the people and they will surely smile back. Easy to feel the politeness and courtesy in their hearts, they instantly make you their friends". Siddhaswarupananda also emphasized that Balinese tries to help each guest and make every effort to please them. These healthy attitudes are probably due to their belief in religion and they consider it as their way of life. In his beautiful conversation he described about the temples, shrines, music, dance, religious ceremonies and the warmth of the culture.

Having become a fan of Bali people, Siddhaswarupananda proudly declares that he had learned a lot from the enduring outlook of Balinese. Describing further about this pleasant land, he tells us that the greatest asset of Bali is her people - they live in small villages with their families sharing a strong bond among them. The most engaging thing is the religious worships and festivals. With rice farming and tourist industry acting as the main resource for income the Balinese has not failed to maintain the integrity. The Balinese are also known for their artistic abilities and the varieties of talents are exhibited in their exquisite paintings, sculptures, unique dance, music and impressive weavings.

The magic of Bali and her assets is charming to any visitors which come with a mutual responsibility to appreciate and dignify the treasured culture by all of us. It's important to understand the sentiments of Balinese and respect their beliefs. Siddhaswarupananda shared his essential tips on how to have a better interaction with the local people and culture and stay away from anything that displeases them; having made a bunch of friends he has gathered some ideas and likes to share with anyone planning for a visit to Bali. Here goes the small list to take care of

  • As they have strong belief in religion, the Balinese consider their head as the holiest part of their body, so avoid touching the head of any Balinese people. Only a priest can be seen touching the head during a ritual or offering.
  • It's good to play jokes with your Balinese friends but make sure you are not playing jokes on relative or family members; it's quite hurting to them.
  • Balinese are known for their respect for elders make sure the eldest male in any gathering is attended first as opposed to common belief that Ladies come first. Especially in eating related occasions, the oldest male is served first.
  • Bali is truly colorful, when you walk on streets you will find many holy offerings made in the corners of sidewalks or pedestrians. Colorful flowers, fruits, incense is addressed to the holy aspects. Please make sure you do not step on them or make it dirty.
  • Balinese are generally right handed and they use mostly this hand to point or gesture anything they want to explain or show. Avoid using your left hand often while interacting with them; they consider using the left hand means instructing someone lower than you.

  • These small yet interesting things about Balinese people and their beliefs are interesting to know from Siddhaswarupananda Pal. Needless to mention these are centered on the idea of mutual respect and love for culture. So, Bali is unmistakably a dream place to visit for travelers from around the world. Explore this beautiful yet heartwarming land because there are still a lot of things to discover about this holistic land.