EIP Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course Offers Online Course to Benefit Drivers Who Need Flexibility

December 19, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
Many drivers in Michigan think that getting a ticket for a violation like speeding or running red light will automatically mean point on their driver's license and higher insurance rates for years, but if you've been a relatively good driver you may qualify for the State of Michigan BDIC (Basic Driver Improvement Course), which can be a life saver. If you qualify, you can take a classroom or online course offered by a company like EIP Michigan and not have the points put on your license but the ticket won't be reported to your insurance company so your insurance rates won't go up.

EIP Michigan has ten offices around the state where you can attend the classes and take the required test or you can sign up and take the test online right from home.

The BDIC involves lessons on defensive driving, dealing with distractions and the effects of drugs, alcohol, and emotions on a driver's safety in order to reduce the chances of accidents and traffic violations.

According to the Michigan State Police's Michigan Traffic Crash Facts website, in 2011 over 600,000 people in the state were either killed or injured in vehicle related accidents. In addition to accidents, other drivers face fines due to other traffic violations, which raise individual insurance rates and affected their driving record. Studies show that of the drivers who participate in safety training programs like BDIC, 70% have zero future accidents and traffic violations over a nine-year period.

As a result of the course through EIP, eligible drivers are able to avoid adding points to their record and avoid negative information being sent to their insurance companies. This results in savings on insurance rates and helps individuals maintain clean driving records. In addition, drivers who successfully pass the course help bring down overall accidents and traffic violations in Michigan, bringing benefits to everyone.

EIP Michigan is dedicated to providing educational programs and counseling services designed to satisfy court, state and employer mandated requirements. EIP Michigan has been providing driving education programs since 1969.