Milo with a…sombrero?

November 18, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
INDEPENDENCE, OH That’s right amigos! Lisa and Milo have stowed away their winter coats and mittens and headed for sunny Mexico City! But don’t worry - even though the pair has opened an additional office in the South - they’re still busy doing what they do best. The move is just another leap of faith in author, Lisa Umina’s life and yet another step closer to carrying out the Master Plan. Umina’s mission is to spread the Word of God to youngsters around the world through humor and laughter and this move is bringing her closer to reaching that goal. As you all know, Milo con un nimbo, the Spanish version of Milo with a Halo was released May 2004. By opening a Halo Publishing International office in Mexico, Lisa feels she’ll be more able to expand her ministry and promote her book to the Spanish speaking population. “I plan on learning the language so I can become a bi-lingual motivational speaker to many children across American and Mexico,” says Umina. She also plans to work with local authors in America and Mexico to continue developing her publishing company in order to make Halo Publishing International into a worldwide, intra-cultural corporation! Along with her children’s books, Lisa’s trademark is her fun-loving, gregarious personality and the unique 11 character voices she uses to act out the scenes in her stories. There is not doubt Umina will soon be wowing her Spanish-speaking audiences all across American and Mexico.

Umina and Milo may be a little farther from home, but rest-assured, their mission is still very much alive and growing. You can keep up with the duo’s latest happenings by visiting


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