Redi-2-DrinQ Group Exemplifies PPI Technologies Pouch-Packaging Capabilities

December 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Sarasota, FL – In association with PPi Technologies Group, the leading manufacturer and distributor of pouch packaging machine technology for the food and beverage industry, Redi-2-DrinQ™ Group recently unveiled an innovative stand-up pouch-selling system called The Pouch Store™, which markets 25 alcoholic beverage products in one display of pouches. Redi-2-DrinQ offer premium spirits and mixed ShotPak™ cocktails packed in 50-milliliter drink pouches, designed with the use of PPi Technologies Group's pouch-packaging machinery.

The stand-up drink pouches utilized by Redi-2-DrinQ in their Pouch Store display are revolutionizing the liquor industry. With the manufacturing capabilities offered by PPi Technologies, Redi-2-DrinQ is utilizing pouch packaging that reduces consumption of plastic by 80% and has virtually no carbon dioxide footprint. Other pouch packaging products made possible with PPI Technologies include a choke-proof cap, spill-proof spout, and hanger hole for carrying.

The pouch packaging developed with PPI Technologies allows Redi-2-DrinQ to be more environmentally conscious, by reducing the amount of material needed for packaging; provides longer shelf-life for liquor products; and hinders underage drinking with tamper-proof seals. The Pouch Store showcases all of these different pouch packaging benefits in one place, with a range of beverages from Redi-2-DrinQ, including wines, spirits, cocktails and even water.

Redi-2-DrinQ benefits from PPI Technologies' wide variety of pouch-packaging equipment that gives companies the freedom to choose custom designed features and manufacture products to precise specifications. As the largest distributor and manufacturer of customized beverage pouch and spouted stand up pouch machines in North America, PPI provides award-winning patented designs in packaging machinery that gives clients the competitive edge.

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About PPi Technologies:
PPi Technologies GROUP started in 1996 by The Murray Family, who wanted to sell both machinery and consumables as a "total system" rather than just selling StandUp pouch machinery. The older single-source machine supply very often did not offer the customer the best solution. This new custom approach resulted in a joint venture with Laudenberg (Now SN Machinery) of Germany, Nishibe of Japan and Leepack of Korea in a new company called PROFILE® Packaging and PakSource Group companies. These companies were formed to sell machinery that manufactures slider and press-to-close zippers pouches from printed laminated roll stock films and also offers prefabricated pouches with spout fitments.