Have You Made Your House Flipping List And Checked It Twice?

December 21, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Holidays can be a slow time of year for real estate related businesses-but it doesn't have to be that way.

According to real estate investor and house flipping expert Mike LaCava, the Holiday season is the perfect time to get a jump on the competition and start learning how to flip houses. In particular, the Holidays and the New Year are prime-time for newbie investors and house flippers who want to get started in the industry.

Early last week LaCava produced a new house flipping info-graphic with hopes of inspiring these potential house flippers to take action and get involved in an already frenzied US real estate market. Currently the info-graphic is on the verge of going viral and for good reason.

"House flipping has become a subject of enormous interest in the United States", said LaCava, "and with mortgage rates still extremely low, and a plentiful supply of potential house flips on the market, now is certainly a great time to be in the house flipping business. I've seen this firsthand in real estate meetings I attend, emails and press requests I get daily and especially from the feedback I get from my website House Flipping School."

However LaCava stresses that house flipping is not a quick and easy way to make money-despite how the business is often portrayed on television and in the media.

"It seems like everyone has flipped for flipping houses. Unfortunately, there are a ton of people hyping the house flipping thing as an easy path to make money. In my opinion, it's gotten a bit out of control."

House Flipping During The Holidays | Remain Realistic With Expectations

LaCava is a firm believer that anyone with the proper mindset coupled with an unyielding desire to succeed can make money right now in the real estate market. Even if an investor does not have a large sum of his or her own money to invest, there are workarounds and creative ways of putting a deal together.

Yet LaCava went on to caution that, "The problem in this industry is that with so much media coverage and hype, people may develop the perception that flipping houses is easy. The reality is that house flipping has never been and will never be as easy as some of the "gurus" would have you think. The truth remains that house flipping takes hard work, education and experience to do it successfully."

LaCava is concerned that too many people are setting unrealistic expectations for success and profit-which is part of the reason why LaCava began his new blog, House Flipping School.

"I began the blog to help combat the misconceptions about house flipping, as well as to educate those new to the industry. I started House Flipping School to educate consumers on what it takes to flip a house successfully. Our goal is to give visitors a realistic view about how to flip houses using a disciplined formula for success."

LaCava continued, "In vein, we designed the House Flipping 101 Info-graphic to help people learn the basics of house flipping as an entry into this oftentimes very lucrative niche in real estate investing, by presenting it in an easy to understand visual format. My aim in creating this info-graphic is to take some of the mystery out of how to flip houses for profit, but at the same time get people started with a set of specific rules to follow - as well as realistic expectations for success."

Although there are many complex aspects to house flipping, there are certain key steps to long-term house flipping success. According to LaCava, a new investor can greatly enhance his or her chances of success by adhering to these proven steps and strategies.

LaCava went on to say that, "Although there's no real way to explain all the little details of how to flip a house in a single info-graphic, my hope is that this info-graphic will help inspire people to take action during 2013. I want to help new house flippers play their part-helping families and individuals find good, clean and affordable housing, while continuing to advance the recovery of our real estate market."