Customer Service at Top of List for Trade Show Emporium

December 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Customer service has always been important in any business-after all, customers make the business world go round… especially for smaller businesses. That is no different at Trade Show Emporium. In fact, we take customer service much more seriously than most. We want to make sure that the customer is involved every step of the way and that they understand everything that is going on with their order.

One measure we have taken to ensure that our customers receive the best possible care is to make our website extremely accessible and user-friendly. One of the newest additions Trade Show Emporium has made to its customer service bag of tricks is the new chat feature that was just launched on This feature allows customers to chat instantly with one of the team members. For instant access to answers and feedback, all a customer has to do is open the chat box and type away. It is a great way for those not able to pick up the phone or for those who want their answer right then and there. Also on the site, costumers can look at the idea and testimonial section to see what other trade show goers and clients have been doing and what they think about the product they ordered from Trade Show Emporium. Another way to reach out to the team for feedback or for a customer to give their own input is to comment on the weekly blogpost, also located on the company's website. All of the online tools mentioned are great ways for customers to give us feedback and make sure that we are doing our best to serve them.

Another way Trade Show Emporium likes to connect with customers and audience is through social media platforms. Not only do we interact with customers about business, but social media offers another dimension to the business relationship-Trade Show Emporium actually gets to know its customers, so, as mentioned before, we can better serve them and fill their needs. Social media offers an avenue for fun and personality.

If a customer is not comfortable with the online world, the TSE team is more than happy to pick up the phone and chat about anything. The team's sales manager is one of the best and is more than willing to work around a busy schedule. For those who like to touch and feel, Trade Show Emporium has a great show room in downtown Denver where clients can feel fabrics and get a sense of the size of our products. The team's sales manager will walk a client through every step to make sure that the doors of communication are open. TSE offices are located in TAXI, right next to Fuel Café where clients are welcomed to join the team for coffee or lunch.

Bottom line, Trade Show Emporium likes to take care of customers the right way. Customer service is our top priority, for our clients keep us going!

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