Home Malware Cleaner Exposed as a Scam Under the Disguise of an Antispyware App

December 21, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Through security research analysis and research from EnigmaSoftware.com, Home Malware Cleaner has been classified as a rogue antispyware program or what some may simply refer to as a fake antispyware application.

The actions of Home Malware Cleaner, leading to stealing money from computer users, involve its act of making PC users believe that it has found multiple malware threats on the system that it is installed on. Usually, Home Malware Cleaner will render several misjudged pop-up alerts followed by a multitude of bogus system scan results.

Just like many other fake antispyware program or ransomware currently perusing the Internet world, such as the mischievous Ukash Virus or Win Server Defender, Home Malware Cleaner aims to extort money from the unsuspecting. The way in which Home Malware Cleaner is able to extort money is by is sneaky and deceptive actions.

Computer users who eventually fall for the tricks of Home Malware Cleaner may end up purchasing a registered copy of Home Malware Cleaner. Most times buying Home Malware Cleaner is for those who hope to remove all malware threats that Home Malware Cleaner supposedly found on their system. Each threat reported by Home Malware Cleaner is a fabrication and part of the scam conducted by the creators of Home Malware Cleaner.

PC users encountering Home Malware Cleaner have reported many cases where they cannot remove Home Malware Cleaner. In these rather common situations, Home Malware Cleaner may make take up semi-permanent residence on a PC where it may lead to other serious issues and even bring about a security risk.

The removal or uninstallation of Home Malware Cleaner is most commonly performed with the use of an antispyware application, one designed for detection and automatic removal of rogue antispyware programs.

The latest update to the Home Malware Cleaner removal report found on EnigmaSoftware.com is a clear example of a useful resource to help PC users remove Home Malware Cleaner from their computer. Due to the commonly failed action of uninstalling Home Malware Cleaner through the Windows Control Panel, the resources on the removal report at http://www.enigmasoftware.com/homemalwarecleaner-removal/ becomes essential to restoring an infected PC back to normal operating conditions.