Dallas Web Design Company AXZM Officially Launches New Website

December 21, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
December 21, 2012 - After a great deal of time and effort, around-the-clock work and sleepless nights, AXZM, a Dallas-based web marketing company, has launched its new website. "I've been working day and night on it," says AXZM founder and CEO, Steve Floyd." The site is a behemoth with more than 100 pages, all which have been meticulously tweaked for the last seven months.

The site, on the bleeding edge of web design, is a stunner. With a focus on usability, Floyd has created a website that he believes will not only impress, but it will help fledgling developers. "We want to create a resource for people trying to teach themselves," Floyd says, pondering the early years of his career when he had to teach himself everything he knows about web design. His only tool was a shaky second-hand computer, and he used it to build the foundation for AXZM, a company that has gone from a few small clients to vender that handles the online marketing campaigns for several enterprises. But, helping up-and-coming developers isn't the only reason for the website's educational tone. At its core, it has to do with earning client trust.

Lead generation is another notable priority of the site. Floyd hopes the site's stunning design will showcase the quality of work AXZM can do for potential clients. The services covered on the site are Content Strategy, Branding, Inbound Marketing and Website Design, among many others.

This level of detail wasn't the case, however, during the beginning of Floyd's career as a freelancer. In 2007, when AXZM's original website was built, the highest number of projects he could manage during the year was four or five. "At one point, I was working 16 to 20 hours a day," Floyd says. "I saw the vision that if I kept working, if my leads and clientele were there, I could hire some new employees."

The long hours haven't necessarily gone away the new website required more than a few all-nighters but the volume of work has been bolstered by the hires of Daniel Hopkins, Greg Barrett and Ross Edman. With a content strategist, an inbound marketer and an art director/web designer, respectively, AXZM has become a full-service digital marketing boutique, able to produce high-quality results for a large number of upper-tier companies.

"With four people now, we can create four times as much work and offer four times the value to our clients," Floyd says. The difference is obvious to AXZM's clients, who have been quite impressed by the new scorching pace.

The biggest thing Floyd wants to give to clients, aside from top-quality marketing services, is knowledge. "One of my motivations was to take a role to educate clients more," he says. Marketing on the Internet is a quickly evolving practice, and Floyd feels like educating clients equips them like no other boutique firm can.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day," the front page of AXZM's new website says. "Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."