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December 21, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Killer Game Deals is an independently owned website focusing its efforts on providing gamers the best game discounts available online. Not shying away from research and daily updates, the website's admins strive to bring forth videogame deals for game enthusiasts. Therefore, Killer Game Deals launched a deals page, listing out advertised products and its descriptions from major online retailers. These stores include stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart are some of the stores listed in the KGD database.

In the Killer Game Deals deals page, the administrators of the website list out product discounts for online retailers. Most recently, the newest addition are Christmas deals. Christmas deals posted relate to videogame bundles such as (but not limited to): Console and videogame bundles for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo consoles or handhelds. Gamers can save over $50 via online purchases. Plus, online retailers advertise free shipping for any bundle purchased in store. The staff posts discounts including the price, availability, console or game description. Most notably, the post will directly link customers to the product page to read its full details, terms and conditions before deciding to purchase the desired product.

In regards to covering daily deals by online retailers, the staff at Killer Game Deals provide reviews for the on sale item. As Christmas deals are dynamic, there are a multitude of discounts across websites. The staff at Killer Game Deals made it their priority to provide customers with details of the sale. For example, the staff will post a deal about a PlayStation 3 bundle, comparing from two online retailers. The bundle will be examined noting down the price, savings and included accessories. As noted by the staff, a cheaper bundle does not mean a customer will receive extra accessories. If a bundle costs more but contains extra accessories than a cheaper bundle lacking additional accessories, the staff's advice will be to invest in the more expensive bundle. By referencing the deals section often, customers will be able to take advantage of new, money saving deals listed daily in the website.

Killer Game Deals is a website that lists out videogame deals gathered from around the web into one, solid database. Not only does the website post videogame discounts from top websites, the website serves as a blog and reviewing library for gamers. A community managed website, KGD does not shy away from publishing news articles, game reviews and most importantly, affordable videogame deals for readers to capitalize on.

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