Clarity Water Products Now Offers Spa Water Treatment Systems

December 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Vista, CA - Keeping a hot tub clean and the water comfortable has never been easier. Clarity Water Products offers a full range of water cleaning systems that eliminate the need for potentially dangerous hot tub chemicals and constant testing and measuring. The natural water clarifying systems offered by Clarity Water Products are healthy alternatives to the commonly-used hot tub chemicals that can cause skin irritation known as "hot tub rash". These hot tub treatment systems are safe even for the most sensitive skin.

The all-natural enzyme treatment offered by Clarity Water Products as an alternative to traditional hot tub chemicals, keeping water clean, clear and comfortable with no toxic chemicals, no pH balancing and no clarifiers. The Natural Spa is perfect for all acrylic, fiberglass and in-ground spas with covers. The Natural Spa also helps protect equipment from scale buildup and will keep hot tubs running smoothly. Unlike hot tub chemicals, the Natural Spa also contains coconut oil moisturizers that leave skin feeling healthy and soft.

Crystal Clean is another alternative to hot tub chemicals offered by Clarity Water Products. Environmentally-friendly, citric-based Crystal Clean removes hard water buildup while cleaning the hot tub. Simply add four ounces or more of Crystal Clean for every 100 gallons of spa water two to three days before draining the water for a like-new hot tub. Those who have hard water need to use Crystal Clean once a year to keep the spa in top condition.

Mineral Spa is another great choice for a clean spa instead of harsh hot tub chemicals. Mineral Spa is extracted from volcanic rock and contains more than 68 minerals. The formula has special volcanic properties that make the water mineral rich, yet contain no toxic levels of any one element, or combination of elements. This system costs significantly less than hot tub chemicals and is much simpler to use. Just fill the spa, add Mineral Spa and enjoy the effect of a calming, soothing, healing hot water mineral spring.

For additional information on natural alternatives to hot tub chemicals, visit or call 800-860-2477.

About Clarity Water Products:
Since 1995, we have been helping our customers maintain their water with less work, fewer problems, and no toxic chemicals. We have natural hot tub products, which are healthy alternatives to the hot tub chemicals commonly sold for cleaning and maintenance. Chemical-free is all we do, and our years of experience in this specialized field of water treatment allow us to bring you the best products for healthier, cleaner, more comfortable water.