MediTab Software Wins Bronze Award "Best in Biz" 2012

December 29, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Oakland, CA - Meditab Software, a clinical management software provider for the healthcare industry, recently received the Bronze award for the category "Most Customer-Friendly Company of the Year" — an award given by industry analysts and members of the press.

With the increasing automation of patient records in healthcare organizations, the need for capable software applications is growing. The upcoming health care reform to take effect in 2014 will doubtless add millions of patients to the healthcare system. This will all but force automation, improved patient databases, and the keeping of electronic medical records on healthcare providers, large and small.

While there are and will be many different types and brands of medical software on the market, the level of customer service offered by the company that provides it will be critical, as the time frame may be quite short to make essential system upgrades and modifications.

Mike Patel, CEO of MediTab, says that his company is "honored to be in the top three most customer-friendly companies. We work very hard to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible support."

The products and services that MediTab offers can give the medical facility or practitioner that wants to upgrade medical recordkeeping the opportunity to do so at low cost and with a high degree of accuracy. IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) lowers costs, improves patient care, makes financial transactions easier, and increases productivity. The patient portal allows patients to interact with doctors and input data directly into medical records, which can minimize error as there is no person in the middle-i.e., between the patient and the recordkeeping apparatus.

About MediTab
MediTab Software, Inc. is a clinical automation solutions provider based in Oakland, CA. Deeply committed to the pursuit of quality, excellence and customer service, MediTab offers medical database and patient recordkeeping solutions to healthcare delivery systems throughout the United States. For further detail please visit,