WATTCO Rep. Contributes Expert Testimony in Proctor Silex Hearing

January 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Canada - WATTCO Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ilan Toledano, was recently called to offer expert testimony on behalf of the Minister of Justice in Canada. The hearing centered on an appeal made by Proctor Silex Canada, one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world (appeal #: AP-2011-065).

Although Mr. Toledano spends much of his time spearheading research and development at WATTCO, a company specializing in industrial use immersion heaters, on December 13th, he was called as an expert witness in an appeals case between Proctor Silex Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency. At the hearing, Mr. Toledano gave key insights into the uses of immersion heaters in commercial and industrial applications, as well as the versatility of these electric heaters in various industries.

Most important though, were his explanations of the proper and improper uses of immersion heaters, particularly flanged heaters, inline heaters and tubular heaters, in chemical and petrochemical industries, and the repercussions of those uses. This testimony led to the identification of possible key shortcomings when these products are used inappropriately. Certain products were labeled as "immersion heaters" by Proctor Silex whereby if those products were fully submersed in water, they may contribute to dangerous conditions for consumers if used inappropriately. Although a verdict has not yet been announced, Toledano and the rest of WATTCO hopes that their expertise will help companies create safer products in the future.

Mr. Toledano plays an important role at WATTCO, constantly working to create improvements in their immersion heating products. Ideal for commercial and industrial use, WATTCO's product line includes the latest in tubular heaters, flanged heaters, screw plug heaters, circulation heaters, over-the-side heaters, open coil elements, duct heaters, pipe heaters and more.

As is evidenced by the trial, "When it comes to superior performance and energy efficiency in industrial water immersion heaters, nothing is a given." WATTCO's knowledge and experience in the industry, though, gives them the know-how necessary to build products to precise specifications, so that when integrated into client systems, the products operate both safely and effectively.

Developing electric heating products since 1969, WATTCO provides uncompromising dedication to their customers, offering solutions, not just products. The manufacturing company delivers alternative solutions for industries and clients around the world, including renewable energy, HVAC systems and major government projects. For further information please visit, www.wattco.com.