The Rogue Antispyware App Vista Defender Finds Its Way Onto Unprotected Windows PCs

January 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Vista Defender is known for its deceptive actions when installed on a PC. Most times, Vista Defender targets systems running the Windows Vista operating system but has been known to be found on computers running other versions of Windows. As explained by, the infection of Vista Defender often takes place when a malicious file is downloaded, or a Trojan had found its way onto a computer. After installation, Vista Defender conducts its malicious behavior in an attempt to gain the trust of PC users and to eventually extort money from them.

Some of the more intriguing parts of the Vista Defender program are its interface, which resembles legitimate security applications, and the way it attempts to console PC users with bogus alert messages. Vista Defender has been known to continually display annoying alerts in the form of pop-ups after installation. The only way of ridding a system of such pop-ups is to remove Vista Defender completely.

In the recent emergence of rogue antispyware applications, there has been a rash of programs related to Vista Defender. Of these programs, such as Win Server Defender and Win 7 Defender, they are known to use the same interface and methods for scamming PC users out of money. These programs are believed to have been created by the same group of hackers, who are all in the malware business to earn a dishonest payday at the expense of innocent PC users.

Computer security experts from many different sites have posted solutions to rogue antispyware applications. Only a handful have addressed the issue of removing Vista Defender, which can be a difficult task if affected PC users are not supplied with the necessary resources.

Fortunately, for those PC users plagued with Vista Defender, they can look to sources such as to remove the Vista Defender application. Through a trusted source, PC users may obtain the provided removal resources to completely uninstall Vista Defender. Along with removing Vista Defender, PC users may detect and remove other identified malware threats.

An example of a newly released removal report for eliminating Vista Defender can be found at Through this report, PC users may safely explore automated process on removal of Vista Defender and related malware threats. Additionally, PC users may use the same downloaded resources to protect their system from future malware infections.