Win 7 Defender Flounders at Defending PCs Against Spyware and Malware

January 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Win 7 Defender is a particular application that has been found to be a scam and fake antispyware program. points out that Win 7 Defender uses several pop-up messages and system scan results to scare PC users into purchasing a registered copy of Win 7 Defender. Usually, when PC users purchase Win 7 Defender, PC users will want to believe that the registered copy will eliminate all of the so-called threats that it finds on a computer. Unfortunately, Win 7 Defender fails to provide any type of malware or spyware removal functions.

Win 7 Defender is known to mostly attack systems running Windows Win 7. Once installed, sometimes from a Trojan or malicious download, Win 7 Defender tends to render annoying alert messages and then performs system scans. Usually, the system scans done by Win 7 Defender return many falsified results only to gain the trust of PC users.

The creators behind Win 7 Defender were found to have spread other similar fake antispyware applications over the Internet with the same intention of extorting money from unsuspecting PC users. These programs, such as Vista Security Plus 2013 and Vista Defender, were found to all be virtually identical to Win 7 Defender.

Win7 Defender, being developed and marketed by computer hackers, is a program that PC users will find to be devoted to scamming them out of money. PC users, who are wise to Win7 Defender tricks, will attempt to remove it utilizing the Windows control panel functions. Performing those actions will only result in a dead end due to how Win7 Defender was developed to avoid being listed in the Add/Remove or Programs/Features list of installed applications.

When it comes to an illegitimate security program like Win 7 Defender, PC users should not give into its face value of being some type of malware detection and removal tool. The intention of Win 7 Defender during its creation is to foil PC users and take their money. The design and interface of Win 7 Defender was cleverly developed and may be mistaken as a legitimate application by many. In the end, PC users will find that Win 7 Defender flounders at performing all of its promised duties to detect and remove malware from a PC.

PC users, most who run the Windows Win 7 operating system on their system, may run across the Win 7 Defender program and not know where it came from or how to remove it. PC security experts have worked overtime to provide PC users with a solution to detecting and safely removing fake security apps such as Win 7 Defender. The posted Win 7 Defender removal report at provides PC users with one popularized method for removing Win 7 Defender from their computer. This process involves the use of resources provided on the removal report linked above along with offering protection from future malware infections.