XP Defender (Fake Antispyware) Becomes Master at Deception and Greed

January 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
XP Defender is a particular program that is known for misleading PC users to the point that they willingly give up money and expect XP Defender to perform its promised duties of removing detected malware from their system. EnigmaSoftware.com PC security experts have found that XP Defender is nothing short of a scam. XP Defender was designed by hackers who want to sell their XP Defender application off as a legitimate means of detecting and removing malware. The reality behind the matter is that XP Defender is a fake and does not have any ability to remove or detect legitimate malware.

Detecting and removing XP Defender, in addition to the other related rogue antispyware programs, has been a difficult task for many unfortunate PC users. Because XP Defender fails to populate the list of installed applications on a Windows machine, a PC user is unable to select XP Defender for uninstallation. The hackers who have created and cleverly marketed XP Defender did this on purpose so they can take advantage of PC users who are not so computer savvy.

XP Defender is one of many rogue antispyware applications from a new rash of fake security apps. Within this family of fake security programs, there are variations of XP Defender designed to target other Windows operating systems. These programs include XP Security Plus 2013, Vista Defender and Win 7 Defender. Each of them represents a similar interface and virtually identical ways of deceiving PC users through using misleading pop-up warnings and fabricated system scan results.

Many of the actions of XP Defender will lead gullible PC users to believe that their system is plagued with a multitude of malware infections. Additionally, XP Defender will continue to alert PC users through deceive pop-up messages forcing them to buy a registered copy of the XP Defender program. XP Defender will make a claim that removal of all so-called detected malware will be eliminated by purchasing XP Defender. Unfortunately, buying XP Defender will not do such a thing, only take a PC user's money in return for a bogus security application.

Removal of XP Defender may be performed manually by computer experts. For other PC users, they may take use of newly released removal reports, such as the one found on EnigmaSoftware.com at www.enigmasoftware.com/xpdefender-removal/. This report, among others from trusted security outlet sources, provides customized resources to eliminate and successfully remove XP Defender from ones systems.

By removing XP Defender, it will restore a system back to normal operation and potentially boost performance by alleviating it of other performance hindering malware files. Moreover, using a trusted removal resource will ensure that the PC is protected from future known malware threats.