Berger Allied Offers International Moving

January 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
St. Paul, MN Berger Allied, known for their reliable shipping and moving services, now offers international moving to all customers. Moving in general is difficult, but moving to another country is even more so. With Berger Allied's help, customers will find that their belongings arrive safely and on time to their destination. Without Berger Allied's experience and reliable service, people in the middle of moving might find that some of their belongings are lost, or denied shipping along the way. Berger Allied provides international documentation, packing services, customs clearance, and even unpacking services, once you arrive.

With Berger Allied, international moving will be simple and easy. A team of professionals will create packing labels for each of your items, and organize items that need to be moved to storage, until the final move date. They'll also use specific shipping methods, to ensure that none of your items become damaged in the transportation process. Additionally, they'll load the items into a truck, right at your home, so that you can see where your belongings are going and how they are being handled.

In addition to international moving, Berger Allied also offers moving services for domestic relocations of homes or offices. A company spokesman said of their comprehensive services, "We have the expertise, capabilities, and resources to be your one-stop provider for all of your moving and warehousing needs." That includes help with the planning and preparation process — and they'll even help you make sure you've filled out all appropriate documentation and forms, so that the process of transportation goes off without a hitch.

About Berger Allied
Berger Allied has been the mover of choice for thousands of individuals and companies since 1910. It is a one-stop-shop for all transportation and storage needs, whether a family is moving internationally, or a company is relocating down the street. Berger Allied streamlines each process and minimizes cost by investing in the latest technology. They prioritize customer service in each of their 16 locations across the United States. With their thoroughly trained staff, Berger is always moving forward. For more detail please visit,