Isopeutic Technology Gives Hope to Arthritis and Tendonitis Sufferers

January 09, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Arthritis and tendonitis affect millions of people across the United States, in fact, almost 300,000 Americans suffer from arthritis alone. Available treatment modalities for arthritis and tendonitis are few and far between, and often only scratch the surface of these painful conditions, leaving thousands suffering from pain.

Gensco Laboratories has released a product that goes beyond the normal treatment options for tendonitis, and especially arthritis. SpeedGel Rx is a homeopathic prescription medication that is applied topically. Unlike other topical pain relief treatments, SpeedGel Rx does not release any odor, and does not create a heating or cooling sensation to simply mask the feeling of pain.

One of the main advantages of SpeedGel Rx for those living with arthritis and tendonitis is the product's patented Isopeutic Technology. Developed by Gensco Laboratories, this technology utilizes a unique transdermal delivery system, sending the medication directly to the injured tissues beneath the skin and effectively assisting pain relief. As the medication is rapidly absorbed through the skin, the process of healing and inflammation relief can help the patient recover more quickly and efficiently.

Because arthritis and tendonitis are often accompanied by severe tissue inflammation, the transdermal delivery found in Gensco Laboratories' SpeedGel Rx can significantly help patients suffering from either condition.

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