Raleigh Paving Announces More Businesses Seeking Better Parking Lots

January 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Parking Lots are a vital and significant part of the functioning of any business' brick and mortar operation. Despite this fact, parking lots can suffer from years of neglect as other expenses take priority or as budgets shrink. Neglected parking lots can have profoundly negative effects on businesses that hurt their bottom line. They can create a bad overall image or invite potential lawsuits from personal injury claims due to dangerous cracks or faded markings. This reality, coupled with the current economic climate, has led many businesses today to invest in better parking lots.

Often times a customer's first impression of a business is made when they first drive onto the parking lot. If a parking lot is grossly corroded and uneven, it gives the appearance that the business is either unwilling to invest in a better parking lot or is unable. Either way, this image undermines the integrity of the business and its ability to best serve their customers. Some potentially new customers may even be driven away by unsightly parking lots, causing an unknown loss in revenue.

Neglected parking lots can eventually form cracks and bumps in the asphalt that become safety hazards. If someone trips and falls because of one of these deformities, a business can be sued for damages, costing thousands in court fees and more. Even significantly faded markings can cause car accidents, or at least be blamed on them. Again, thousands of dollars can be spent in the ensuing legal actions.

Companies like Raleigh Paving, North Carolina parking lot experts, are being increasingly sought after as dedicated designers, builders, and maintainers of parking lots for businesses and organizations of all sizes. As the demand for better parking lots grows, Raleigh Paving is determined to meet this demand by offering efficient and cost effective parking lot solutions. Raleigh Paving is proud to serve the asphalt paving needs of any business or organization throughout North Carolina and beyond.

About Raleigh Paving
Raleigh Paving is the Eastern, North Carolina division of Eastern Services LLC, fourth generation asphalt parking lot experts. In 2010 they acquired Pave South to better serve the Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, and Charlotte areas. Together, Raleigh Paving and Pave South are dedicated to designing, building, managing and maintaining all types of exterior structural systems throughout the state of North Carolina. As the "Parking Lot Specialists," they offer efficient, cost effective and long lasting solutions to any business' parking lot needs. They offer asphalt paving, asphalt patching, seal coating, grading, linestriping and crackfilling, concrete work, commercial flatwork and much more. For more information, visit www.raleighpaving.com or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.