Scourby Audio Bible APP Only Available at, iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon

January 10, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
London UK, January 10, 2013. If you are searching for the all new Scourby Audio Bible Study APP or the Scourby Bible MP3 downloads, you can only find them on, at the iTunes Store, on Google Play or Amazon. The Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice ever recorded, bar none…NOW that Voice is on the all new Scourby Audio Bible APP, the Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book,

Alexander Scourby was the first to ever record the King James Bible in the 1940's and it was done on long play records. Since that time many others have recorded the Audio Bible, but there is still no better narrator of the King James Bible, in the world, than Alexander Scourby, in fact he is regarded as the "Voice of the Bible" and the gold standard in Audio Bible narrations.

If you search for Alexander Scourby on Google, there will be thousands of pages that will come up with his name offering the Alexander Scourby narrations of the his KJV Audio Bible, either on cassettes, CD's, DVD's, Mp3's and you can even find the long play records of the KIV Bible he did in the 1950's in rare instances. But if you want to find the all new Scourby Audio Bible APP or the Audio Bible MP3 download, users can only find those at, iTunes, Google and Amazon.

Litchfield Associates, Ltd owns all rights to the Alexander Scourby narrations of the King James Bible. Those rights include copyrights to the work and also a trademark for the name and likeness to the name of Alexander Scourby. Only companies that have a licensee agreement with Litchfield Associates can sell the Scourby Audio Bible, whether they are on cassettes, CD's, MP3, DVD's or any other audio Bible format. With the advent of the digital world the Bible Mp3 downloads and application software for smart phones and mobile devices, commonly referred to as just APPs.

Litchfield Associates has made the decision to only offer those as downloads on their web site and not to license those rights out to any other company. They have also placed the Scourby Audio Bible apps for sale on the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon as well. So those are the only places you can find the all new Audio Bible APP for smart phone devices as well as the Scourby audio Bible mp3 download of the Scourby narration of the King James Bible.

Users have reported that Bible Study is made a lot easier and much more interesting with the Bible App's Bimodal presentation of both Text and Audio synced together in the Audio Bible APP. Studies have shown that with this simple technique, understanding, comprehension and memorization is substantially increased as users get the power of the dual senses that are used in accessing the King James Bible. By combining the power of the King James Bible, Alexander Scourby and Technology, users now have a powerful new tool to access the King James Bible as never before in a whole new way.
The Scourby Audio Bible App and the Audio Bible Mp3 download are the Newest Ways to Access the Oldest Book. Users love the fact that they now have the cherished King James Bible at their finger tips for instant access anytime/anywhere. Users don't even have to think about it as they pick up their smart phone and or tablet as they leave home. Users are just a click away from a total new and refreshing way to access the King James Bible and redeeming their time with this amazing new technology. As one user stated, "this is the best use of technology ever".

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