Brands should consider all available platforms when creating social media strategies, says Punch Communications

January 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Integrated PR, SEO and social media agency, Punch Communications, is highlighting to brands the importance of properly researching all relevant social networks within digital communications strategies, in order utilise the ones that best fit their brand objectives and reach target audiences.

Whilst Facebook and Twitter are often the social networks of choice for brands, a number of other, more niche platforms can be valuable assets for brands wishing to communicate with consumers.Communities on focused networks, such as the book lover's platform Goodreads or gardener's delight Yardshare, are likely to have much smaller user numbers. However, engagement rates and, consequently the return on investment, can be dramatically increased in such targeted campaigns when compared to the largest generic social media sites. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to explore all options related to the products or services offered.

Sites such as Audioboo, an audio-based social network, are being utilised by a number of visually impaired users who find traditional text platforms more difficult to use. Consequently, this would be an ideal network for brands that want to reach people with vision impairment or loss to incorporate into their communications strategies. Foodspotting is centred on consumers sharing images of their food in restaurants and eateries. This works as an alternative to traditional restaurant reviewing forums and can give food related business an opportunity to gain insights and engage with targeted audiences.

Keredy Andrews, account director at PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications, says: "Businesses often focus on Facebook and Twitter and this is an obvious route due to the vast numbers of people using these platforms. However, by also making use of more specialised, focused platforms it is possible to tap into niche markets and start a dialogue with audience members in a very targeted way. I would recommend undertaking research to identify as many relevant platforms as possible and determine which could provide significant ROI, rather than automatically gravitating towards the best known social media sites like Google+, Twitter and Facebook."

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