The Jungle Effect Sends Breast Op Enquiries To Record High

January 15, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Figures from Transform – the UK's biggest cosmetic surgery provider – for the last year reveal an unparalleled number of Brit women are opting for cosmetic surgery – with the array of curves constantly on display in jungle shower scenes on annual hit TV show 'I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here" providing the inspiration for thousands of women to opt for breast enhancement.

Celebrities like Myleene Klass, Katie Price and, in 2012, Helen Flanagan have all paraded their ample assets in bikini clad shower scenes on the ITV show over the years – with the memorable images subsequently filling page after page of tabloid magazines and newspapers.

And the result on cosmetic surgery inquiries has been so positive that it is being referred to as "the Jungle Effect' by industry insiders.

Transform can reveal that 2012 saw a staggering 65% increase in all enquiries, with men and women increasingly looking to cosmetic surgery to improve their looks.

Breast enlargements at Transform make up the vast majority of business however, the number of breast procedure enquiries rocketed by 45% in the last year.

Similarly, the number of rhinoplasty enquiries has increased by 11%, blepharoplasty by 10% and liposuction by 12%.

Brits are also freshening up their look with non-surgical procedures – with Transform reporting a 38% increase in Botox enquiries, a 42% increase in teeth whitening and a 23% increase in lip enhancement enquiries.

It seems the desire to improve appearances isn't just limited to ladies, as their metro-sexual male counterparts have also been booking in for non-surgical procedures – with men accounting for 10% of all Botox enquiries at Transform.

Pat Dunion, chief operating officer for Transform, comments: "Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and our staff have been inundated with calls over the last year with numerous different enquiries.

"Both women and men alike are interested in improving their appearances – it's all about self-confidence and wanting to look your best. This is true for both sexes. We've seen a record year for enquiries and expect this trend to continue next year.

"There is no doubt though that the celebrities in 'I'm A Celebrity…" and other TV shows are proving hugely influential when it comes to the increasing interest in cosmetic surgery procedures.

"We've seen enquiry after enquiry during 2012 as a result of celebrity exposure on TV and that influence shows no sign of reducing in the near future.

"The Jungle Effect cannot be underestimated in the increases we have witnessed this year."

  • Lipo/Gynaecomastia 28%
  • Rhinoplasty 17%
  • Hair transplant 15%
  • Blepharoplasty 11%
  • Botox 10%

  • Women
  • Breast procedures 45%
  • Liposuction 12%
  • Rhinoplasty 11%
  • Blepharoplasty 10%
  • Botox 9%

  • Lipo/Gynaecomastia 22%
  • Rhinoplasty 14%
  • Hair transplant 12%
  • Blepharoplasty 8%
  • Botox 7%

  • Women
  • Breast procedures 40%
  • Liposuction 8%
  • Rhinoplasty 7%
  • Blepharoplasty 6%
  • Botox 5%</li>