Prudential Preferred Realty Publishes Home Selling Guide

January 15, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Pittsburgh-based real estate firm, Prudential Preferred Realty, has recently published a whitepaper geared toward homeowners who are considering selling their home. The guide covers the key points of selling a house, giving homeowners some advice on what strategies they can use during the process. The purpose of the whitepaper is to give homeowners some insight into the process of selling a home, so they won't be intimidated before they begin.

The main topics that the guide covers are cleaning a home, performing a home inspection, setting a price, marketing a home, looking into buyer financing, negotiating, and closing. These areas are often steps in the sales process that are stressful for sellers, especially if this is the first time they are selling a house. To help sellers focus on solutions instead developing selling anxiety, Prudential has laid out specific pieces of advice for readers to follow. Here are some of the highlights:

Homeowners should fix any problems and take care of any updates before listing their home on the market. If buyers see an issue with the home, they may hesitate at a purchase or ask for a lower price in order to make the changes.

When setting a price for a home, it is best to use a realtor's comparative market analysis (CMA) first to help determine a home's fair market value. If a home is priced beneath this, a seller may lose potential earnings. If the price is set too high above fair market value, sellers may not receive many satisfactory offers for the property. For an ideal outcome, it is best to stay near a home's market value.

Sellers should be sure that any prospective buyer that comes to visit their home is pre-approved for a mortgage. There are many cases in which a buyer has committed to purchasing a house, but then has trouble qualifying for a mortgage. This can be a major disappointment for both buyers and sellers, and it can be prevented by screening buyers when they call to schedule an appointment.

For more helpful advice for marketing your home or selling a house in Pittsburgh, see the full whitepaper, accessible from the Prudential Preferred blog.

Prudential Preferred Realty is a real estate agency based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that runs a total of 19 branches throughout Allegheny County and the surrounding areas. For assistance with Pittsburgh home sales, contact Prudential Preferred to find a realtor for you.