Launches New Small Business Marketing Solution

January 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
List Here, a subsidiary of Anna Williams, LLC., has announced the release of new small business advertising solutions aimed at making it easier for local business owners to sell products online in the increasingly competitive interactive space. These new options allow local and e-commerce businesses to easily post their products and services online without the need for deep technical knowledge, or even a deep budget.

Asked why they are making this foray into small business marketing, CEO Julie Coppa explains, "Online marketing is one of the most accessible ways to grow a business, but when you talk to most small business owners you realize it's not that cut and dry." Mrs. Coppa explains the roadblocks in the way for non-tech savvy businesses, which include technical details, small budgets, and an online marketing industry that seems to change drastically every single day. She continues, "These are businesses that are hit with dozens of requests to buy SEO plans or do paid search and e-mail marketing every single month. They typically don't know much about HTML or CSS, let alone how to manage a CPM campaign or setup Google Adwords. List Here takes the clutter out of that - you deposit your funds and post an ad. That's it."

Pricing for local businesses to post non-expiring ads is $0.25 for insertion and $0.25 per month. "That means a local furniture shop can post an actual single product for $3.00 a year. Not just a business listing, an actual product." This is an important distinction in the marketplace, Julie says. "If I run a search for a bicycle or a fridge or a chair I may not be looking for an e-commerce option - I want it now. Current business solutions will give me a name of a company and an address, when what I really want is to see their inventory and pricing before I come in." List Here solves this problem by allowing non-ecommerce businesses to post ads in their geographic region. "Now I can go to List Here, put in my zip code and run a search to see all of the small businesses near me carrying that product."

List Here is currently offering small business owners free credits for trying out the service. Interested businesses can click here to take up the offer, or e-mail for more details.