Lorena Gaxiola: Easy Tips To Refresh Your Home This New Year

January 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New Year is the perfect time to transform your personal space at home into a sanctuary for the big 12 months ahead, says designer Lorena Gaxiola.

"Our home is the perfect place to start when it comes to kicking off a successful new year. It's our bedrock, our retreat and for many of us the centre of our universe so it makes sense to spend some time making it a place we feel good about," says Lorena.

She's identified five simple, affordable ways to encourage a 'feel good' 365 days:

1. Create a personal masterpiece:
Our homes are extensions of our personalities, says Lorena, who was born and raised in Mexico until she was 17.

"Simple DIY jobs like re-birthing an old bookcase with a splash or paint, reframing old photos, or reupholstering a chair if you're feeling really adventurous, are so satisfying.

"And you can make them social projects by including friends or family."

When it comes to colour, Lorena says go bold!

"Brights make us happy and feel energetic," she said.

Transform a favourite piece of furniture and make your mark. Look to brights to lift the mood – and take a lead from the catwalks and consider a splash of neon to add vibrancy.

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2. While we're on colour… Green is the new Black:
Green is so hot right now that Pantone have elected Emerald as their official 2013 colour of the year. Green generally symbolises prosperity, fertility, nature, selfrespect, wellbeing and life itself.

"Green is BIG this year in all its forms and there's a hue to suit everyone. Think laterally about how to bring it into your home. Make it work for you."

Introduce luscious green plants inside to invite nature indoors; review your soft furnishings and see how you can incorporate a sheen of green into cushions or throws; scour junk or second-hand stores to create a mashup of green items to create an eclectic collection.

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3. Create the new world order:
Even in a matter of months it's easy for clutter to build up – including knickknacks that may have no real 'home'. Clean up and throw out! Once that's handled, focus on the precious things worthy of highlighting.

"Collections are great, but often not given the credit they deserve. Put them front and centre. Whether it's framed photos of loved ones or favourite places, stamps, snowglobes, teaspoons, owls, old playing cards – create a special display that keeps them in order and shows them off," says Lorena.

Try displaying your collectables on modern white shelves to enjoy them every day or create a wall-mounted display by using the same coloured frames and grouping them in a favourite spot.

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4. Honour the inner child:
Create a space for tapping into some whimsy and fun.

"Life can be really serious, so dedicate some space for letting your hair down creatively. I've loved watching how much the kids in the house let loose on the blackboard wall in our kitchen. It's not only an artistic outlet, but it becomes a place the whole family leaves messages for each other."

Paint a wall in your kitchen with black chalk paint and encourage everyone, young and old, to use it. It's a great spot for simple masterpieces or beautiful messages of love, inspiration and affirmation – even from you to you.

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5. Resolve to turn your travels into a new art collection:
Travel for fun is one part planning, one part experiencing and one part reminiscing (and that can often be the best part!), says Lorena.

"A long time ago I resolved to bring a piece of art home with me from wherever I travelled and now I have a really eclectic collection," says Lorena.

Travel doesn't have to be to farflung places for the art to be worth hanging onto either, she says.

"Sometimes a simple weekend away a couple of hours from home will unearth an unexpected gem. There is always a story attached somehow."

Dig out the treasures you've brought home from a trip but may have left languishing in a dark corner somewhere. A carving, painting, sketch, postcard, statue or oil painting are all enough to get your personal collection started.

For more information on Lorena Gaxiola please visit www.kuatrodesign.com

About Lorena Gaxiola:
Lorena was born and lived in Mexico until she was 17. The vibrant colours and stories of her childhood have been an inspiration to her throughout her interior design career. In 2000 she co-founded Kuatro Design in San Diego and became the sole owner and director in 2003.

The company is now a worldwide organisation specialising in merchandising for developers in the US, Asia and Australia.

Since settling in Australia in 2010, Lorena has appointed a team of young creative artists to help design an exclusive line of homewares under the Lorena Gaxiola brand.

Expected to launch worldwide in 2013, Lorena's wide-ranging line of products will include textiles, wallpaper, rugs, dinnerware and furniture, among many other bold design pieces.

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