Hydro Wholesale Reaches Exciting Milestone in Product Offerings

January 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
College Park, GA - Hydro Wholesale, the premier hydroponics equipment company in the field, is pleased to report that it now has the largest selection and lowest prices on hydroponic equipment of any hydroponics company.

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil. It's a unique mixture of nature and technology, taking traditional applications of agriculture and merging them with bleeding-edge technological advances. As a leader in this growing field, Hydro Wholesale is proud to provide the largest selection of hydroponics equipment at the best prices around. The equipment offered by Hydro Wholesale is as varied as it gets: grow light systems, grow tents, nutrients and fertilizer additives, air filtration systems, greenhouses, and much more.

According to a spokesperson, "Growing plants hydroponically can get better yields and quicker growth than growing them in soil-as much as 30% faster!" Hydro Wholesale is committed not just to providing great products, but also to fostering a community and spreading the word about this fascinating science. To that end, the company offers a number of helpful guides and complimentary videos on the subject of hydroponics to help acclimate neophytes to the field so they can get started growing. This is just one more way Hydro Wholesale demonstrates why it's the best there is in the field of hydroponics.

About Hydro Wholesale
In the past ten years, the field of hydroponics has seen great strides, and Hydro Wholesale has been at the forefront. The company is a reliable provider of hydroponic resources for novice and expert growers alike. It is committed to serving as a one-stop shop for hydroponic equipment, offering user-friendly systems and specialty supplies to its growing user base. With great service, the largest selection, and unbeatable prices, Hydro Wholesale is the obvious choice for all your hydroponics equipment needs. For more information please visit, www.hydrowholesale.com.