Mr. Dunbar Attending Israeli Special Forces Martial Arts Instructor Seminar in March

January 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Southern Colorado - Alex Dunbar, owner and operator of Close Quarter Battle K-9, plans to take a trip to Israel in March in order to attend an Israeli Special Forces Martial Arts Instructor Seminar. While in Israel, Mr. Dunbar plans to learn techniques unique to the Israel Special Forces and bring them back to the United States in order to incorporate them into his business, Close Quarter Battle K-9, found online at

The seminar will teach martial arts unique and indigenous to Israel, including Krav Maga, an eclectic self-defense system developed in Israel. Krav Maga combines several different martial arts techniques, including jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, muay Thai, and grappling, along with other realistic fighting techniques. This Israeli martial art is focused on handling real-world situations, and involves attacks that are brutal and efficient, designed to disarm and inflict pain on the opponent in any way possible. The IDF, or Israeli Defense Force, uses the Krav Maga martial arts technique in military and defense applications. The technique is also used in civilian life in Israel and around the world, for purposes of protection and defense.

Mr. Dunbar will bring what he learns back to the United States to apply to his business, Close Quarter Battle K-9. While Mr. Dunbar already has significant martial arts and elite military training, he strives to keep learning new techniques to help his business and grow his knowledge, so that he can continue to teach the best, "real world protection and high risk applications."

About CQBK-9
Close Quarter Battle K-9 has been providing highly trained police and military dogs for a wide variety of customers since 1986. Founder and operator Alex Dunbar trained his first K-9 in the 1970's, and hasn't stopped since. Over the years, Mr. Dunbar has worked with elite special forces, security teams, and military and paramilitary groups to train European German Shepherd Dogs for protection, high-risk missions, and police units. On a 320 acre training facility in Southern Colorado, Alex Dunbar works with K-9s from the time they are eight weeks old up until they are about two years old, when they can be delivered around the world. Only the healthiest, most capable dogs are selected for training. These dogs are used in anti-kidnapping, protection, counter-terrorist, and special ops activities. Alex Dunbar commits himself to the highest standards, and nobody can match the level of customer service, training, and devotion that you will find at Close Quarter Battle K-9.