Canterbury Release New Baselayer Items for Winter

January 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Canterbury's new baselayers are an essential part of rugby clothing

For the modern player, baselayers are becoming an essential part of rugby clothing. Canterbury, always to the fore in rugby apparel, has released a new range of baselayer items designed specifically to meet the needs of cold weather rugby.

Why wear a baselayer? Winter rugby can be tough on the body. Freezing conditions are uncomfortable and affect the muscles so that injuries can occur. Wearing an ordinary tee-shirt under the team uniform used to be the only solution, but this was uncomfortable and could lead to further problems, as any perspiration generated was not wicked away causing the player to feel even worse. The development of baselayers has solved the problem.

Baselayers keep players warm in cold conditions and cool on warm days. They are also designed to wick away perspiration. The result is that the player is more comfortable and less prone to injury. Canterbury, which has a long history of producing fine rugby apparel, has developed a range of baselayers that are essential for winter rugby.

Canterbury Baselayer Cold Shirt The Canterbury Baselayer Cold series has proactive insulation designed to keep the player warm on those cold winter days. These long sleeve tops protect against the cold and yet are excellent at wicking away perspiration. All are intended to be worn tight to the body.
The Baselayer Cold Tee Series comes has designs for men, women and children. They are available in a range of colours and for the kids the "Uglies" colour range offers a little more interest than the monotones of the adult shirts. The shirts have long sleeves and cost £29.99. There is also a short sleeved version that is slightly cheaper at £25.99. The children's shirts are £20.99.

Top of the range is the grip shirt. This features a grip pattern on the sleeves that helps with catching and holding the ball when cold fingers might let the player down. This is well priced at £39.99.

Canterbury Baselayer Cold Shorts Canterbury's Base Layer Cold Shorts are the perfect complement to the shirts and keep the upper leg warm, while fitting snugly under the shorts. Those for adults cost £24.99 while the children's version is £18.99.

Canterbury's Baselayer Cold Combat Shorts, at £39.99, are priced well above the normal baselayer shorts for a very good reason. They combine all the benefits of the proactive insulation found in all Canterbury's Baselayer Cold apparel but are fitted with PU foam areas to protect the key leg muscles from impacts. At present, these shorts are not approved by the IRB so are not permitted to be worn in matches. They are, however, ideal for those freezing nights on the training pitch.

For extra warmth, Canterbury also offers full length Baselayer Cold leggings. These are available in adult and children's sizes and are priced at £37.99 and £24.99 respectively.

Availability - All these items and the full range of Canterbury's products are available online. Canterbury's newest offerings and all the old favourites are there. They can be viewed at With Canterbury's reasonable prices and free UK shipping on orders over £75.00, it is well worth a look.