Lear Capital Unveils a New Corporate Website with Multi-Media Highlights

January 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
To the folks at Lear Capital (www.learcapital.com), precious metals should not be exclusive to gold and silver loyalists or those who follow spot pricing by the hour. They have set out to deconstruct the world's prized metals and make them accessible to anyone who understands a graph and can appreciate how much precious metals have outpaced just about every other wealth building strategy in anyone's lifetime.

"We want our customers to understand the historical performance of gold and silver, particularly in light of current economic conditions," says Scott Carter, CEO of Lear Capital. "Gold is up on average over 400% in the last decade and silver is up over 500%. The data speaks for itself and when consumers see these trends and understand the value proposition of physical metals as a tangible asset, we know they'll make the right move for their savings and retirement accounts."

The new Lear Capital website boasts a Knowledge Center packed with fact-filled publications about premium coins, the interest rate-gold parallel, the history of silver, and the impact of the exploding US Debt on savings and retirement accounts. Lear also has a real-time Bullion Store operating 24 hour-a-Day and offering live coin pricing, guaranteed availability, and a near-perfect on-schedule delivery rate. In addition, their exclusive interactive Coin Analyzer allows customers to explore current and future values of rare and historical coins.

Lear's online Precious Metals News section offers regular commentary from Scott Carter on topics relevant to all investors in light of breaking economic reports and market fluctuations. The Lear Advantage provides company information and customer testimonials while the robust Multi-Media Highlights section presents a series of informative videos on everything from The 1933 Gold Recall and The Silver Solution, to Unsustainable Spending and the benefits of The Golden IRA.

There's no doubt that these are volatile economic times and everyone is looking to own a safe haven asset in their investments. Lear Capital is simply asking all of us to "consider the data." And, it appears that when consumers are provided with the value perspective that only history and actual market performance can provide, they are giving gold and silver a second look and even rolling over portions of their IRA accounts into physical metals.

Lear Capital can be reached via their website at: www.learcapital.com or at 1-800-576-9355