Introducing the Oxy/Ion Pool System

January 25, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Vista, CA - Clarity Water Products, a leading provider of chemical-free home water filtration systems and products, has just announced a new chemical-free pool system called the Oxy/Ion pool system. This system eliminates toxic chemicals, health hazards, rank chemical odors, damage to pools and pool equipment, and damage to the environment.

There are a number of benefits to having a pool or hot tub, but frequent exposure to hot tub chemicals like Chlorine or Bromine is not one of them. Contact with Chlorine can dry out people's skin, burn their eyes, and even lead to cancer. The harsh chemicals commonly found in pools and hot tubs can cause "hot tub rash," and for customers who like to use their pools and hot tubs daily, this can be a major obstacle and irritant.

In addition, most people find that sanitizing a pool takes a lot of work and necessitates the use of toxic chemicals. With Clarity Water Products and their Oxy/Ion pool system, the process is simple, convenient, and best of all, 100% chemical free. It's also surprisingly affordable: customers can operate this system for less than a dollar per day.

According to a company spokesperson, "Clarity Water Products is the best source for clean, healthy, chemical-free water." Whether customers are looking for a chemical-free pool, or they want to improve their existing saltwater pools and hot tubs, Clarity Water Products has the solutions they are looking for.

About Clarity Water Products
For nearly 20 years, Clarity Water Products has been providing pool and spa owners with chemical-free water treatment systems and products. Clarity Water Products provides the highest quality home water filtration systems-systems that are both self-cleaning and maintenance-free. They guarantee the best prices on their superior products, and their experience in chemical-free water treatment is unmatched. For healthier, cleaner and more comfortable water, Clarity Water Products has everything you need. For additional information please visit,