DigiSign Offers Free Trial of their SSL Certificates

January 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
DigiSign, one of the world's leading providers of PKI/digital certificates, is so confident that you will love their SSL certificates that they are currently offering a 14- or 28-day trial to users — for free.

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a tool used to manage the security of transmissions of messages on the internet. If you manage a website domain for a company that handles monetary transactions online, or other sensitive information that needs to be protected, you need to have SSL certificates.

DigiSign is offering their free trial on any one of their five SSL certificates, which include Digi-SSL Xp, Xs, Xg, Service Xp and Service Xs. You may be wondering what the catch is and feel hesitant to sign up, but there is zero obligation or hassle to purchase, after your free trial ends.

Along with the SSL certificates available, DigiSign also offers two factor authentication, certificate authority and electronic signature services. DigiSign's certificate authority issues many digital certificates and digital signatures and is flexible, user-friendly and customizable. Their two factor authentication strengthens existing username and password access on websites, and offers the strength and security on which your organization can rely.

Many DigiSign SSL users concurrently sign up for Digi-SSL Service System to help streamline SSL management. According to a company representative, "Individual SSLs ordered online on an 'as needed basis' are very difficult to manage. However, the Digi-SSL Service system is capable of delivering multiple SSLs to even the most complex organizational structures and is easily managed from the 'Control Center'."

Internet security has never been more important. Protect your business's and customers' interests by equipping your company's domain with one of the industry's best SSL certificates on the market. Sign up for your no-obligation free-trial, today, to see for yourself why DigiSign has consistently been one of the top global providers of digital certificates.

About DigiSign
DigiSign is one of the world's top ten providers of digital certificates. Larger companies cannot match the flexible service and keen attention to detail that DigiSign is able to provide to their customers. DigiSign's satisfaction guarantee includes the replacement of certificates, free of charge, and offers exceptional technical support, triple validation, Site-Seals, and, if necessary, Global Insurance.