PlayStarMusic Launches Virtual Entertainment Marketplace and Community

November 20, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

PlayStarMusic Corporation has updated the innovative new project aimed at linking musicians, moviemakers, producers, writers, and artists of all genres directly to the public. The site has created a vibrant interactive community for artists, professionals and fans. is the only site that allows any performer from almost any discipline to post their creations free of charge on-line for consumers to sample and buy.

All artists, whether they are professionals, aspiring stars, or first time performers will receive 30% of the revenues on a nonexclusive basis and 50% on exclusive basis.

Items available to the public for sale or rental include music, television shows, movies, books, news, concerts, karaoke, power point presentations, computer software and much more. Whether you are an independent producer or a multinational giant in the entertainment industry, PlayStarMusic helps people sell and promote products to the world.

“The future of entertainment is in direct fan participation and it is going to happen on-line. With the help of this site artists can market their talents to anyone, anywhere in the world”

The site allows artists of all genres to directly connect with their audience anywhere in the world, to promote and market their talents.

The website is very comprehensive, covering a wide variety of services. Features include:
· Music downloads
· Concert Broadcasts
· Movie downloads
· TV downloads
· Newscasts
· Karaoke
· Radio
· Merchandise
· Power Point Presentations
· Critic Reviews
· On-line books and other literature will also partner with performers to sell webcasts of concert performances and newscasts from around the world.

In addition to creating a Virtual Marketplace for artists, allows people to apply to act as critics. Not only will this give professional critics a venue for their craft, it also generates reviews for artists and fans alike.