Moomat Releases Product Poised To Revolutionize Related Content

January 29, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
TULSA, OK. (January 29, 2013) - Moomat has announced today that Deep Diver, their semantic content exploration engine, has been completed and is now available to publishers.

Digital content can often seem like it has an expiration date. When new content is published, what preceded it gets pushed further back into archives, where it is neglected, relying on the use of related content widgets that often require manual linking of content by the publisher. By treating content as multi-dimensional and more than simple text, it can represent something larger, giving it greater power, and context. Applying this idea, in conjunction with Deep Diver technology, Moomat can turn any database into an intricate web of dynamic content.

Deep Diver accomplishes this sizable task by indexing all published content, extracting specific topics, and categorizing each into topic areas. Deep Diver then links the content together based on each topic's general strength, significance and the importance of their relationships. Linking together via shared topics allows the promotion of other content that has a higher probability of capturing the reader. The categorization of topics allows each reader to choose how they navigate the content according to their personal interests. The result is highly relevant content delivered to readers based on what they find interesting, allowing them to explore all of a publisher's content in a simpler, more intuitive manner.

Daniel Mooney, CEO of Moomat said: "Regardless of media type, Deep Diver is both automated and easy to implement, cutting editorial cost for the publisher and increasing time spent on site by offering more relevant and tailored suggestions for the reader."

Earlier this week, Moomat successfully implemented Deep Diver for critically acclaimed publisher This Land Press, and political think tank Oklahoma Policy Institute. "We're saving time and effort not having to curate our content, but instead making it happen through the magic of this discovery engine" notes Michael Mason, Editor of This Land Press.

Moomat is developing the largest database of semantically connected data in the world with currently over 50 million connected entities and rapidly implementing their Deep Diver technology for a variety of digital and traditional publishers.