Rewards Software Redefines Mobile Marketing with Loyalty Focused SMS Text Messaging

January 29, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NORTHFIELD, NJ – January 29, 2012 – Preferred Market Solutions, LLC, developers of Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Rewards Program Software with Integrated Email (, announced today extension of their loyalty marketing platform into the mobile marketing arena. By extending traditional loyalty marketing with SMS texting capabilities, their loyalty platform is strongly positioned to further enhance a merchant's ability to connect with their customers.

"Our proprietary loyalty marketing rules engine has evolved to be a critical element in a merchant's success when it comes to implementing a rewards program. So it comes as no surprise that when we added SMS texting to our latest release, we would want to take full advantage of our powerful loyalty marketing engine and leverage all its capabilities", says Brett Perlman, Managing Member and Chief Marketing Officer. "When you think about SMS texting, you think about blasting an SMS text to all customers, which we easily do but, by tying the SMS texting functions directly into our loyalty marketing engine, a merchant is able to selectively market to a focused group of customers that meet the criteria of the promotion", says Brett. Whether it's a Miss You promotion, for those customers that haven't been back to the merchants establishment for a predefined time or an Appreciation promotion (aka Best Member promotion), for those customers that either have spent a certain dollar amount or frequented a certain number of times, these are some of the many loyalty based promotions that SMS texting has been tied into. Best of all, these promotions get the benefit of utilizing the built-in loyalty scheduler to automate delivery. This means a merchant can set it, and forget it. The loyalty promotion will continue to run based off the schedule and frequency the merchant sets in the loyalty rewards program.

Another benefit of the SMS texting found in the Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Rewards Program Software is the ability to add mail-merge fields to an SMS text. This means that unlike bulk SMS, whereby a merchant is sending the same text message to each recipient, a merchant has the ability to personalize and speak directly with a loyalty member, adding individual information like their name, loyalty point balance and rewards level to a SMS text. So, whether sending a bulk type SMS text or one tied to a specific loyalty promotion, the merchant can, once again, step up their communication to their customer through the use of the various mail-merge fields provided.

One other important feature of Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Rewards Program Software's SMS texting capabilities is "Preferred Patron Interactive Texting™". Preferred Patron Interactive Texting™ changes the whole dynamic of how SMS text messages get delivered to customers. Instead of the merchant "pushing" a mobile text message to their loyalty customers, the customer is able to "pull" the information from the program via SMS text. An example of this would be where a merchant's customer wants to receive the coupon of the day. The customer sends an SMS text to the merchant using a predefined "SMS Actionword" that the merchant creates in the loyalty system. Once the loyalty system receives the mobile originating message from the loyalty customer, it sends back the valuable coupon information directly to the customer. Another example would be an event reminder whereby the customer wants to know specifics of a scheduled event they have setup with the merchant. "Imagine being at your home and wanting to know when your next scheduled office visit is with your doctor. Instead of having to call the doctor's office to find out, you can just request the information via SMS text and the system will automatically text it back, without any need to tie up valuable office staff looking up the information", says Brett.

The latest mobile messaging enhancement to Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Rewards is the ability to send "one-off" mobile text messages with both pre-canned and custom messages. This tool will be especially helpful for industries that need an easy to use, flexible and convenient way to connect with their customers. Examples would be restaurants that want an alternative to pagers for managing wait lists, automotive facilities that want to let their customers know that their vehicle is ready for pickup or any business that needs the ability to inform a customer that there order is ready. These are just some of the many ways to be able to use this new feature.

All in all, the new SMS texting capabilities of our Preferred Patron™ Loyalty Rewards Program are going to allow merchants across diverse industries the ability to tap into mobile marketing with a powerful and unique solution that will help them, once again, stand out amongst their competition.

Founded in 2004, Preferred Market Solutions is a leading provider of Loyalty Marketing Software, Rewards Programs and Services. The company offers cutting-edge customer retention and loyalty marketing tools to marketing resellers and clients world-wide. Industries served include retail, automotive, hospitality & hotel, restaurant, healthcare, café, resort, golf and country club, salon & spa, college & university, gas station & car wash, health & fitness and entertainment.

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