CouchBunker Provides Concealed Safe for Home Owners

January 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Spokane, WA The CouchBunker, a new product developed by Heracles Research, is an exciting new option for security-conscious homeowners who wish to keep their valuables in a secured, concealed safe. In an ingenious bit of craftsmanship, the CouchBunker doubles as both a couch and a high-volume safe, with a 78'' x 30'' x 14'' compartment built under the cushions of the couch.

With over three million home robberies last year, there has never been a better time to have a secured, concealed location for your valuables, which is what the CouchBunker provides. Additionally, the couch itself comes in three different styles, including a leather model and a Bridgeport model, meaning that customers won't have to sacrifice the aesthetic or comfort value of their couch for safety.

The safe itself has a two hour firewall, which means that not only will valuables be protected from intruders, but from home disasters as well. With the amount of space in the safe, customers can use it to store anything of value-money and jewelry, important documents, or any home defense items. The value of a concealed safe is that intruders will have to spend time even finding where your valuables are which, in the course of a robbery, is time they simply don't have.

All told, the couch and safe combine to weigh about 1000 pounds, making it even more difficult for robbers to make off with any of your valuables, even if they eventually find the safe. As with the rest of the safes designed by Heracles, the CouchBunkers are designed to use as little of the living space in a home as necessary, which is why they serve a multi-purpose role as both functional couch and concealed safe.

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