SACA Technologies Launches New Website

January 31, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Anaheim Hills, Calif. January 31, 2013 SACA Technologies, a leading managed IT provider for businesses, launched its redesigned company website on Monday. After 15 years as the premier provider of managed IT for businesses, the company has renewed its brand identity and its new website embodies this evolution.

"The new SACA Technologies website is an integrated platform of our brand's experience," CEO Alexander Saca said. "We strive to be our clients' 'IT Allies' and provide them with quality services that will help their businesses grow, and the new website clearly reflects this."

In addition to helping position SACA Technologies as their clients IT Allies, the redesigned website features a modern and bold design and streamlined layout, which makes navigating the site easier. Saca notes, "Navigating through the site is now simple and intuitive. Help is easily available through live chat features and other forms of instant contact. Our team did a great job at tying in all the points of contact of our brand including social media, video and blogs into the site; this provides our guests with valuable information that can help them make informed decisions about their IT." New visitors to the website can learn about any of the company's key services, including, as well conveying what sets SACA Technologies apart from other managed IT providers.

Furthermore, the site now features a "Clients & Fans" section, which highlights the most important aspect of SACA Technologies: their clients. The page contains both written and video testimonials from valued customers, real life case studies of how SACA Technologies solved specific problems and links to their social media accounts, so that clients are always up to date on the latest SACA Technologies news.

"I am very proud of our team," Saca said. "They worked diligently to create strong content and design that is creative, engaging and informative. They have done an excellent job in communicating what has kept SACA Technologies ahead of the game for over 15 years."

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SACA Technologies is an Orange County-based IT solutions company that offers 24x7x365 technical support (on-site and remote) to businesses nationwide. They offer a full suite of IT services including computer hardware and software repair, data backup, network security, cloud computing and much more. By partnering with SACA, you can spend less time worrying about technology issues and more time concentrating on your business.