November 21, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Laguna Hills, CA — Powder Blue Productions, The Creators of Turbo Kick™ Turbo Jam™ and Turbo Wear™ announced the “I love Chicken George” Tee shirt fundraiser. The project was initiated online in a “chat room” by a Turbo Jam™ devotee’s comments on her admiration of the fitness video cast member: George Saffarrans (Alias Chicken George).

Proceeds of $16 per shirt donated by Powder Blue Productions and an additional $10 per shirt contributed by George will benefit the Susan G. Komen Brest Cancer Foundation.

“How many fans get the opportunity to see their chat room ideas come to fruition?” states Chalene Johnson, Founder and CEO of Powder Blue Productions. “Heather Bressette of Yuma, AZ is a Turbo Jam™ devotee with a simple but effective notion: Put her admiration for George on a shirt. I felt this would be fun to build on… so it started in the Turbo Jam™ Chat room and ended up on a Tee shirt.”

That’s “Chicken George” not “Chicken Little”

Who? What is Chicken George? George is the Principle and CEO of Rogers Poultry Company in Los Angeles, hence the nickname "Chicken George"

Powder Blue Productions recently launched Turbo Jam™, the at home version of the popular kickboxing, fat burning, fitness format Turbo Kick™ taught in more than 2000 clubs worldwide.

“George is a long time advocate and participant of Turbo,” comments Chalene Johnson. ”His infectious character and charisma have reached out through television screens across the nation as a kind, genuine man with more energy than a flock of wild chickens! I can’t agree with his fans more.”

"This tee shirt idea is an amazing phenomena for me,” says George. “I am flattered to have a shirt created in my honor and equally privileged to partner with Powder Blue in this fund raising effort. I sincerely thank Heather, all of the Turbo Jam™ Fans and the Turbo Jam™ Family for making this tee shirt happen."

About Powder Blue Productions Powder Blue Productions is a fitness minded company. Our organization trains instructors to teach Turbo Kick™ and PiYo™, two programs that put the fun back into exercise. In addition, we offer an in home fitness program called Turbo Jam™ and operate Powder Blue Boutique with the latest trends in Fitwear www.turbowear.com

About Turbo Kick ™ The evolution of kickboxing! Continuing to evolve, no program could be as successful and diverse as Turbo Kick™. Chalene Johnson and her team of martial artists have assembled the best of two world’s: Group Exercise and Martial Arts.

About Turbo Jam™ The at home fitness program, nutrition, diet, exercise & weight loss video program, expert-designed by fitness professional Chalene Johnson and produced by BeachBody www.turbojam.com

About Chalene Johnson: International known fitness personality and Owner of Powder Blue Productions: The creators of Turbo Kick™ and PiYo™. Presents on a variety of fitness related topics worldwide. Chalene has been published and featured in numerous fitness publications and newspaper. She appeared in more than 50 internationally distributed instructor training videos, including the upcoming release of Turbo Jam™

About Rogers Poultry Company: Rogers Poultry Company, a privately held corporation based in Los Angeles, who further processes and distributes approximately 30,000 chickens daily.

About Susan G. Komen Brest Cancer Foundation: Established in 1982 by Nancy Goodman Brinker, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to education and research
on breast cancer causes, treatment and the search for a cure. www.komen.org

For more information about Chalene Johnson, her company Powder Blue Productions: The creators to Turbo Kick™, Turbo Jam™, PiYo™ and Turbo Wear™ Contact: Ellie Parvin: 949-830-4822 or 949-246-1334; Email ellie@turbokick.com Website: www.turbokick.com