WattChit, Home Electrecity Management

February 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
There are many applications for Iphones and Ipads that allow you to do things that never seemed possible. There are banking applications, calorie counting applications, and finally there is now one that allows people to be able to use their Iphone to save money on their electric bill.

Many people look at their electric bill and wonder what they could do to lower it. How can they spend so much money on electricity, because they try to conserve energy when it is possible? When a person looks at his or her bill, it can be very disheartening to see that there are still more kilowatt hours used than what the person felt like they actually needed.

Available on Apple App. Store, for only $2.99, "Wattchit" allows a person to be able to keep track of their energy usage and the costs associated with that usage. "Wattchit" is able to help a person in seeing where they may be able to cut down their usage and their electric bills. This is good for both nature and the person's pocket. Soon this great App will also be available for Blackberry and Android devices.

"Wattchit" allows the user to customize it accordingly with his or her home. From there it offers both a room view option and a per appliance option. This shows the operating cost per appliance. It allows the person to be more aware of what appliances they have may be using up too many watts and causing the electric bill to be too expensive. With over 30,000 electrical appliances in the system, it is the largest database of this kind.

"Wattchit" helps consumers save money, but it also helps nature. It is a good investment for anyone that is on a tight budget or that is eco-friendly. Since there are many people that are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment this program is able to help them make eco-friendly choices, as well. People that want to protect the environment may see certain appliances in their home are using far too much energy and may find that they are using an appliance that is running their energy usage way too high.Not only does "Wattchit" have the largest appliance listing, it also has the largest tips database in the world
"Wattchit" now is available to consumers for the Iphone and Ipad. It is available in the Apple Application Store. The cost is only $2.99 for the application, and it is able to save money on a person's electric bill, so it is definitely able to help in the person saving more than the cost of the program, whether it is the cost conscious consumer or the eco-friendly individual, there is something available for anyone that purchases "Wattchit".