Young Couple Launches a Personal Development Company Focusing on the true meaning of "Wealth"

March 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Toronto, Ontario Modern, unique, different describe this new exciting self-help blog by Lavar Gilbert and Jessica Wickersham called The Wealth Brand.

"In today's society it is rather difficult for individuals to find guidance and direction with world class teaching focusing on the true meaning of wealth," said, Lavar Gilbert, 28. "We decided to start our own company after experiencing years of frustration when searching for true wealth and balance in our lives, for us life had more meaning and the quest for wealth was our new passion."

Jessica, 25, added, "It seems that currently the only solutions available for individuals are money making conferences, pricey mentoring programs with very little focus on making sure the person achieves real beneficial results. Otherwise, the only other alternative is to opt for quick schemes where the focus shifts from questions being answered to how can I pressure you into giving me your credit card.

We wanted to fill a void by creating our own personal development brand with emphasis of achieving wealth, the ability to experience life without limits in any of the seven core areas in life."

Ultimately, creating an online blog made the most sense and is the easiest form of teaching for our readers. Persons in need can target the core areas they believe they lack wealth in, get answers from a different perspective and apply it to their lives.

About The Wealth Brand
The Wealth Brand is an online blog, where the owners of the company share their experiences and encourages other individuals to share their own and help spread and teach the concept of wealth.