Capital Coloured Diamonds Presented in Exclusive Investment Show

February 10, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Capital Coloured Diamonds, specialists in the procurement of investment quality natural fancy colored diamonds, was recently presented in an American Express show to their prestigious Black Card members. As the colored diamond market continues to expand and prosper, investors from all over the world have begun to take notice at this unique investment opportunity. The show took place in late November at Michael's on Simcoe, a popular high-end restaurant in downtown Toronto.

Commonly known as the Black Card, the American Express Centurion Card is an exclusive card line available only to highly affluent customers. Capital Coloured Diamonds' investment opportunity in high-grade, natural fancy colored diamonds was presented to these black cardholders as a "steadily appreciating aesthetic asset" and a "low risk, high return investment." The precious stones offered by Capital Coloured Diamonds offered these high-end investors an especially lucrative and uniquely tangible investment opportunity.

Colored diamonds have experienced a dramatic rise in value over the last ten years due to their elegance, startling beauty, and their rareness. As opposed to their white diamond counterparts, very few gem quality colored diamonds are unearthed every year. This keeps the global quantity of these precious pieces extremely low, therefore maintaining their lasting market value and exclusivity.

Capital Coloured Diamonds, headed by their dynamic president, Cheryle Reznick, are colored diamond experts with strong ties to some of the world's most sought after diamond cutters and polishers. They are dedicated to working with investors on a one on one basis; to best help them realize personal investment goals. Capital Coloured Diamonds is proud of the success of the latest American Express show and they look forward to continuing to offer colored diamond investment opportunities to investors throughout Canada, the United States and beyond.

About Capital Coloured Diamonds
Based out of Toronto, Capital Coloured Diamonds Inc. specializes in the procurement of the world's highest quality, investment grade, Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Their team of industry experts are dedicated to personalizing each investment to best meet client's individual goals. They deal directly with the world's most renowned and established diamond cutters and polishers. They are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. They specialize in GIA Certified, Conflict Free Diamonds only. They are Accredited Members of the Better Business Bureau of Canada. For more information, visit