Stealth Alerts Allows Traders to Capitalize On Early Market Optimism

February 09, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Stealth Alerts is an innovative and dynamic idea generating platform that allows traders access to stock market insights that enable them to possess tighter control over their investments. After several years of underperformance and volatility, the stock market is finally beginning to turn around in a big way. With the Dow Jones industrial average recently ascending to near all-time highs, a sense of optimism has returned to the market, incited by the prospects of future prosperity and stock gains. While certain industry analysts and some traders are still reluctant to declare that these positive trends will continue, it is entirely possible to capitalize on the market resurgence through the proper utilization of stock screening and analysis software.

Stealth Alerts provides real-time stock screening capabilities and stock filter to ensure that users are armed with the most up-to-date information when tasked with making vital decisions regarding their investments. Geared primarily towards day traders, money managers, and algorithmic traders, Stealth Alerts currently licenses two versions of stock screening software - Stealth Alerts Client and Stealth Quant.

The Stealth Alerts Client contains all the aforementioned stock tracking functions, along with a pre-configured set of filters used to instantaneously sift through real-time data. The more powerful and customizable Stealth Quant enables users to create, outline, and define their own set of custom filters/parameters, allowing for an even more personalized and specific algorithmic trading experience.

Boasting virtually unparalleled data dissemination speeds, both stock scanner programs operate on an automated trading platform, facilitating a seamless and user-friendly trading experience. Stealth Alerts customers can view the entire stock market trading spectrum via either the "Tick Alert" or "State View" modes, multiple display formats that present a plethora of real-time stock market information and data at the user's fingertips.

The warm feeling of optimism is returning to the stock market. While it is too early to proclaim complete certainty regarding the market's future, early indicators are looking very promising. Stealth Alerts' industry-leading low-latency data analysis capabilities, effective filtering system, and fail-safe automated trading platform allow traders to capitalize on this optimism and potentially reap the benefits.

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About Stealth Alerts
Stealth Alerts is the premier developer and licenser of automated trading stock screening software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The company's two main products, the Stealth Alert Client and Stealth Quant, enable customers access to detailed stock analysis and filtering capabilities supported by a seamless and dynamic user interface. For more information or to set up a trial, email or call (888) 435-5554.