Golf Training Aid Teaches Muscles the Perfect Swing

November 22, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Columbia, SC – Therre are no batteries. No computer is required. It is simplicity itself. It keeps the golfer on plane for the perfect golf swing. It is called the SwingTECH System.

“One of the keys to good scores in golf is consistency, especially with your swing. Yet one of the most difficult maneuvers for a golfer is to train his or her body to develop a repeatable, consistent swing,” says SwingTECH International’s president, Ralph Crafton. “With minimal effort, the SwingTECH System guides any golfer, no matter what handicap, into developing the swing that is always on plane,” Crafton explains. “And it works for both right and left-handed swings.”

Made up of highly engineered, yet very simple components, the SwingTECH System consists of a five-foot metal rod with a brass swivel on one end, which is attached to a high performance suction cup, permanent mount, tree or post. At the other end of the rod is a simulated golf club. When adjusted to the correct height, the golfer can simulate a full swing. Because the rod is a static length and is attached to a fixed point, swinging the SwingTECH requires the golfer to swing on plane every time, training muscles to reproduce a consistent golf swing. The system also includes assembly and set up directions, instruction on use, and carrying case.

Unlike other golf training aids, the SwingTECH System is rigid. It does not allow a golfer to become “flat” or go “inside out,” which leads to slices and hooks. “It’ the only training aid I know of that can consistently teach our body, through muscle memory, to help create a repetitive, sound golf swing,” says the “Swing Surgeon,” Don Trahan, a PGA Master Professional and one of the nation’s leafing golf instructors. “I think the SwingTECH System is the best aid available today to, quite literally, teach the body to get on plane, to really get in the grove,” Trahan says. The SwingTECH System is, in fact, one of the few golf training aids Trahan endorses. “Prototypes of the SwingTECH have been around for years,” Trahan explains, “but SwingTECH International has completely refined the training aid. The results are truly amazing.”

Trahan and well known golf commentator Mitch Laurence will host the introductory program about the SwingTECH System in early 2006.

Crafton explains that the SwingTECH eliminates some of the most common problems golfers face. “Practicing with a SwingTECH will help you keep from swaying, developing the ‘flying elbow,’ and avoid overly active hands. At the end of the swing, you’ll always be facing your target,” says Crafton.

SwingTECH International, located in Lexington, South Carolina, just outside of Columbia, is launching its marketing program with the opening of the company’s website,, where golfers can purchase the system on line. Crafton’s company is also introducing the SwingTECH System at “demo days” at select golf clubs and schools throughout the Southeast. “We’ve had great success with our testing. Both the individual golfer and instructors have seen the immediate benefits SwingTECH can provide,” Crafton says.

The complete SwingTECH System retails at $249.95. It comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on materials. For more information, call 877-325-6733, or e-mail the company at